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The only thing they have in common? Really…sharp…teeth.

The Project Rebellion, Book 2

Major Antonia Fielding has one goal: to escape the clutches of the Project. With the blood-virus infecting her system, though, a body bag is likely her only way out. Until her boss lets slip that he may just have a cure for her—if she brings in an escaped Lycan.

Can she trust him? Now there’s the million-dollar question. Then again, can she afford not to take that chance?

Darce Foster was a Special Forces soldier, until the Project got hold of him. Now he’s a Lycan, a lab-created werewolf, this close to escaping his creators—until another of the Project’s experiments stops him in his tracks. Not because she has the power to hold him, but because he instantly recognizes the impossible. The vampiress is his mate.

Allowing her to bring him in is his only choice—and possibly the last mistake of his life.

Enemies or lovers, it doesn’t matter. When they discover that the Project is hiding yet more secrets, they must work together to bring it down...or die in the attempt.

Warning: Contains a cocky wolf who won’t take no for an answer, an ice-queen losing her cool and a pack full of hunky werewolves bent on rescue. And zombie spidermen.

Book Reviews

Blood Mate
Average rating
4.3 / 5
September 6th, 2015
Couldn't put it down, beautiful characters well written plot. Blood, danger, mayhem and love what more can a reader need. Want to read Sanders story next that would be awesome!
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1 review
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The Blood-Bimbo who stole Darce from me!
November 30th, 2014
“Lieutenant Darcy Foster. Apart from the fact that he has a girls name, he’s not a half bad as a soldier.” I think that Darce might be compensating for the girl’s name by being overly smexy. This guy made my me-OW in the first Project Rebellion novel with his rough edged unpredictability and snark. Darce isn’t the guy you want in your corner, cause you never want to corner this guy, the results would be anyone’s guess. He’s reliable in the way that you can rely on him to be loyal but not rely on him to react in defense of that loyalty the same way twice. That his mate is a Blood makes no sense to anyone but him… he gets it totally. Toni is exactly what he has dreamed of all his life. That life has been one that would cause any normal Joe to ask for instructions as to how Darcy made it through first grade. This man is a quandary and Toni Fielding is the woman to work this word problem out. Toni and Darce have a very similar birth in the Project as subjects; both were created without their volunteering for their participation in the Project. Antonia Fielding she has been fed a line, hook and then the rod about what the other types of paranormals at the compound behave as and are capable. She has no idea that they are just like her for the most part and that they are subject to a really horrible end. She’s about to learn that. She’s about to learn lessons so heartbreakingly dear that she will come to know how deep she is in the Projects plans; how badly she’s betrayed her own. Darce “sacrificed” himself so that his pack, Captain and his mate could get away, and Darce could catch his mate. In that way that males think with their peens he forgot about how he would keep himself from getting effed in the A at the compound that created Lycans, Bloods and Reanimates. Kinda shortsighted, but that is Darce for you… his sight is about 8-10 inches long and has the girth of–nevermind. [This review has been condensed for Kobo's length requirements. The full thing can be found by searching me online.] As you can see I am not a friend of the Blood-Bimbo who stole my Darce from me and gave him back to the monsters that made him into a wolf! I know that Toni has a lot of complexities of her own since she was on the other side of the Project and she was spoon fed the rhetoric for a long time. She is really a great soldier and she is complying to the orders of her higher-ups when she tries to quell a rebellion at a local hospital. My issue with her is that she has all these itches and she is an intelligent tick. She should know what side of the camp the latrines are on after being there so long. If it lands in a pile and looks like crap, smells like crap, has the consistency of crap when you toe it with your boot–you don’t need to taste it to verify that they are feeding you crap. She bugs me out for all the reasons Mina meant to make her Antonia Fielding: the character of her, the cut of her jib. [Condensed] Don’t think I didn’t like this book, it’s like angry sex, I loved this book for making me hate it! I don’t have to like what is going on in a book or the characters to determine if the book is good or not. Actually, as a book reviewer books don’t get to work like that for me. I have to look at storycrafting, the continuity, the strength of the plot, the durability of the characters, and if I read a lot of books by the author, like I have read by Mina–the author’s diversity in writing and creativity across genres, series and different books. I hate Toni, that is non-fiction there. But I wasn’t lying when I said she was a complex character and then laid out the qualities Mina used to developed her to be such a strong and compelling bitch. I don’t get the luxury of saying I hate her, I hate the book, like so many others do. I have to look past that to say Mina knocked this out of the ballpark by bringing the fight back to the Project Compound, reintroducing the “monsters” and then giving Toni her chance at redemption. These books are more action, paranormal, sci-fi romantic-ish episodes rather than real soak in the sweat and body fluids bow-chick-a-wow-wow and they are fast paced and pow! Pow! Pow! Mina hit Perfect Mate and this one solid and out of the park. I hate Toni. I love Darcy. I love Jack. I love Lillian… I love Mina.
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1 review
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Loved it
April 1st, 2014
Second installment as good or better than first
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1 review

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