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Blonde, busty and ready to prove her worth, Siena sets out on another quest for the Monster Hunter Guild.

This time, she's decided to stalk her prey underground, thinking to catch the stealthy giant rats in a trap. Unfortunately, it seems she's the one who's been caught, and by a pair of Rat Clan brothers who want to teach her a lesson.

This story is 7k words of reluctant beast sex, with heavy BDSM themes and other kinks, including anal play, double penetration/menage and spanking and humiliation.

This book is part of the Monster Hunter Conquest series, a
collection of stand alone stories all focused around the adventures of
one young woman. Each tale is a sexy, explicit ride following the
blonde, brave, and often ill-fated Siena Rovan as she hunts fantastical
beasts across the land. Against all odds, she seeks out the fiercest of
monsters with the intent to take them down. More often than not, the
creatures take Siena instead; literally, and roughly. Every book in the
series can be read without having indulged in any of the others, though
chances are if you liked one, you'll love the rest!



The heat in her belly matched the warmth on her ass, and when Skarlo began to tenderly brush his digits over the sensitive skin, she was concerned with how her body was reacting.
“Hm, perhaps you are right, brother.” Blinking, she turned her emerald gaze to the beast before her, his muzzle leaving her breasts, though they screamed for more. “Maybe discipline is the correct method. Perhaps I shall try.”
He stood, and she watched in confusion as he vanished out of her line of sight, even as Skarlo now crossed to stand before her. The older brother flashed her a curious look, canting his head as he spoke. “I'm unsure, now, as well. It seems, to be thorough, I'll have to try pleasure now.”
“No, wait, stop,” she gasped, shaking her head rapidly.
“Hm?” Skarlo seemed to notice her for the first time, and he knelt down to be face to face, his orbs like hypnotizing lava. “You don't want to feel good, you want the pain only?”
“No!” The Hunter balked, eyes wide and wet. “I mean, I...”
The rat sighed dramatically, and squinted into her face. “Clearly you're confused. Here, I'll sit out, and we can see what it is you want. Pain, or pleasure.”
At that, the first hit from Skeelo came, a loud crack in the chamber. Her shout was high, and she squeezed her eyes shut. This brother was different in how he treated her backside. For every abrupt slap, he would run his fingers over her cheeks, moving dangerously close to the crevice between. He never hit as hard as Skarlo, and while she was thankful at first, a different worry bloomed.
She knew Skarlo could read it on her face, in her breathing, and perhaps they could both even smell her lusty scent. Somehow, being spanked like this, being toyed with so near her private places, was sparking her arousal. The flush to her cheeks went cherry, as the rats played with her to see what would happen.
Soon, she was unconsciously lifting her hips, reaching for the touch of the monster behind her. When he finally, after what seemed forever, rolled his digits over the cleft of her ass, over the silken covering of her panties, and down enough to feel the sodden dampness of the material, she groaned helplessly.
Her blush was instant, full body, a glowing pink of pure shame.
“I see,” the red eyed rat intoned. “So you do prefer pleasure, but it seems to be influenced by being punished. How perfectly odd, and you called us filthy?” His chuckle was dark, and she couldn't meet his eyes, finding the backs of her eyelids more comforting. “How wet is she, Skeelo?”
“Oh, quite soaked.” As if to emphasize, the brother ran a thumb down her slit, and she felt the material sliding inside, knowing he could easily see the outline of her lower lips through the useless cloth. Once more she moaned, and she felt she would die from humiliation.
She could not expect what was to come next.

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