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In a small forgotten town, a bell tower sits, waiting to be explored by the likes of notorious monster hunter, Siena Rovan. Blonde, brash, she's proven again and again that her escapades to take down monsters only ends up with her sweet body being bent over and taken, roughly, until she's moaning for more. This time, a creature dark and clever waits for her at the top of an old church, but is it only a rumor, or will the monster prove both real, and too much for her senses? A wild, 7k word monster sex story full of reluctant sex, edgeplay, orgasm denial and forced exhibition.



Her mouth hung open when he removed his claw, her mind racing to try and make sense of all this. The gargoyle ran his fingers down her throat, amazing her when he didn't spill her blood. Up and up, he followed her sternum, before drifting around the edges of her pert chest. The skin tingled where he touched, like she was being rubbed with an astringent liquid, something like hot, mulled wine and spices. It set a slow working flame into her flesh, and as he drew closer to her firm nipples, the heat only spread.
“What are you doing to me?” Siena gaped, inhaling sharply at the strange tingles rocking her body. His laugh was dark as shadow, a whisper in the quiet night.
“You feel it, I take it? That was fast, normally the magic takes a bit, you must be responsive to it.” Talons flicked, almost scratching her skin, but skirting the line of pain. It felt like he was picking at her very cells, and she thrust her chest with a ripple of fear and excitement. Her hands reached up, grabbing at his wrists, but he was unyielding at she tried to push his seeking fingers away.
The flurry of energy and pleasure was seeping into her bones, moving as if her chest was the center and radiating outwards. When it hit her lower belly, she felt her muscles twitching. A bead of sweat rolled down her cheek from exertion, her mind fighting to make sense of the sudden flush of arousal hitting her nubile form. “What, magic? How... I don't...”
“You don't know much about gargoyles, little bird.” The point of a claw circled one of her hard rosebuds, the tip of her breast aching to be touched. It hit her so suddenly, leaving her dazed and concerned, her body not acting as her own. When combined with the unsettling result of hanging upside down, the girl was too confused to control herself. Rutchsio's contact on her breast shifted, moving to the other, leaving her yearning to have the most sensitive parts of her bosom caressed. “We're an old breed, we've been around for a long time. We know how to survive, and we've learned how weak humans are to their own sexual needs.”
“I'm not... weak!” Siena grunted, squeezing her eyes shut under a new ripple of pleasure. The monster clicked his tongue, stroking between the valley of her chest almost idly.
“No? You think you're able to resist the pull of your own desire?”
The girl felt a quiver in her belly, and though she feared she was fighting a losing battle, she was too proud not to try. “Of course I can! Ung... It isn't even... doing much to me!”
Rutchsio threw back his head, guffawing at her bravado. It made her blush, but the redness of her cheeks only grew when he poised his claw over one nipple, watching her face with interest. His eyes drew her, that red gaze holding her still as she waited in the heavy moment.
“Then let us see, shall we?”

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