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This book explains the basic components, technologies used, and operation of UMTS LTE systems. You will discover why mobile telephone service providers are upgrading their 2nd and 3rd generation digital mobile systems to more efficient and feature rich UMTS LTE systems. Discover the key features that UMTS LTE systems provide that go beyond the capabilities of existing 2G and 3G mobile systems such as ultra high-speed Internet (100 Mbps+), television (multicast video), and low latency services (packet voice). Explained are the physical and logical radio channel structures of the UMTS LTE systems along with the basic frame and slot structures. Described are the fundamental capabilities and operation of the UMTS LTE radio channel including channel coding, modulation types, low-latency transmission and how transmission reliability is improved using MIMO technology. You will discover the key functional sections of UMTS LTE networks and how they communicate with each other. Learn how and why UMTS LTE systems separate control channels from user data channels. Learn how UMTS LTE systems can co-exist and interoperate with existing mobile systems which simplify the migration plan from less efficient mobile systems to more cost effective and capable UMTS LTE systems. Learn how spatial division multiple access (SDMA) can be used by UMTS LTE systems to provide dramatic increases in system capacity. The evolution of 3G systems into UMTS LTE systems explained. Some of the most important topics featured in this book are: • How UMTS LTE systems operate • UMTS LTE voice, data, and multimedia services • The types of UMTS LTE products and their uses • The UMTS LTE radio channel structure • The types of physical and logical channels • UMTS LTE network components and interfaces • Evolved multimedia broadcast multicast services (E-MBMS) • Location based services (LBS) • IP multimedia subsystem (IMS) • UMTS LTE technology evolution into 4G

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