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This book is part of a 3 story, 30,000+ word package deal titled the “BDSM VAMPIRE COLLECTION” that includes the following TOP erotica stories. “TAKEN BY A VAMPIRE”, “BOUND BY A VAMPIRE” and of course “THE VAMPIRE INSIDE ME” . If you are considering this book you should also consider the “BDSM VAMPIRE COLLECTION” by searching for it by name.


Jennifer had always been the elegant, charming type; but also ruthlessly cunning and intelligent. It didn't take long for her to cut out a comfortable niche for herself as a beautiful and all too mischievous con artist, working her way through some of L.A.'s most eligible bachelors. A few thousand here, a quarter of a million there...not to mention any jewelry the men would buy for her. In and out in a flash, able to keep them clueless just long enough to make away with a large piece of their small fortunes. But tired of small fish, she sets her sights on something a little more...difficult. Driven by the thrill as much as the money, she eventually matches wits with a man named Damien Rush, one of the wealthiest business moguls of the current century, someone everyone wishes to know, and handsome enough to have any woman he wants. What better challenge than someone of his standing? The con goes well, almost...too well, causing Jennifer to become slightly suspicious when the man whisks her away on a whirlwind affair, inviting her to cruise the Caribbean on his multi-million dollar yacht. Excited at the thrill, but still with that sneaking suspicion in the back of her head...Jennifer accepts the offer, drawn to the man's eerie charm that seems to ooze from his very presence. Little did she know, there's a reason a subtle whisper from him could change her mind so easily and cause her to ignore her better judgment. A reason he lured her to the ocean, stranded and so beautifully alone.

Warning: This 8,000+ word book contains graphic language, erotic situations, light bondage, domination, submission and this is very much a story for adults (18+)

...JuSt a TaSte...

I awoke on the soft blankets of a king-sized mattress. Forced to blink the fog from my eyes, I tried to desperately remember what had happened.
All I remembered was getting on the boat, being on the bow, and then…and then… Nothing.
Maybe I drank too much. Sure. That was possible. So I tried to roll out of bed, only to realize…I couldn’t move.
Tugging at my arms, I realized they were bound by stout piece of leather, almost like…shackles.
Okay…wait a minute…I’d seen these before. They were bondage cuffs…the soft, fur-lined sort bound by lengths of chain and fasted to some object (in this case, the bed posts).
They held my arms taut and stretched out, so there was no hope of me reaching up to undo them myself.
I looked about, slightly frantic, noticing how dark it was; the port windows nearly black, most likely due to it being night outside on the water.
The engine was still running…I could sense the slight rumbling it gave to the vessel as we rocked slowly on our route.
That was when I finally noticed him. Damien. He sat comfortably in an armchair not far away, a glass of wine in one hand, a cigarette in the other. I suddenly became aware of the smell of smoke, as subtle as it was. And the look of his eyes…
They almost seemed to glow in the closing darkness of the master cabin.
“Damien…I…” Suddenly I grinned…maybe we were playing a game. Sure. It made sense. I didn’t seem to be in any immediate danger. Maybe he thought it would be fun to drug me and tie me up…switch it up a bit. Sure. Rich types like him were always looking for some fun, new, sexual thing to do.

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