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Do You Know? T. Boone Pickens is investing $10 billion in the biggest wind farm in the world, in Texas? Why not put that money into the nuclear power industry, which is lobbying for UNLIMITED corporate welfare government subsidies that are claimed to be necessary to build ANY new nuclear plants - none of which could be online until 2015 at the earliest? The DNA from genetically modified organisms (GMO's), including viruses and other species normally alien to our bodies, has already entered our vital organs, and the bacteria in our intestines, though this was not supposed to happen as a result of the gene-alteration of our foods? One controlled study found that rats fed GMO potatoes developed smaller brains, testicles and livers, as compared to rats fed the unaltered parent line of the very same potatoes. Beware, half USA non-organic sugar may be GMO by 2008 if not stopped by labeling or angry consumers. Italy wants to dump 20,000 tons of its nuclear waste into the USA, with the help of the EnergySolutions corporation? This could be the first big step in making the USA the world's dumping ground for all the world's nuclear waste. Although most Tennesseans don't know it (yet) five landfills in their state are readied now to accept radioactive waste, much of it not to be monitored as it should be. Such waste can enter our industrial and food chains, concentrating in our bra-clips and zippers, for example, while also possibly causing cancer, abortions, mutations, etc., for thousands and millions of years. No safe technique to contain radioactive waste has yet been scientifically devised. The U.S. is about to start an arms race in space, under the cover of 'Missile Defense?' Nuclear weapons and nuclear powered launch vehicles could be included in our violation of the Outer Space Treaty of 1967 which the USA primarily authored after the Soviet Union fired Sputnik, the first manmade satellite, into Earthly orbit. 163 nations formally reaffirmed opposition to weaponizing space on November 20, 2000. Weapons are now the USA's #1 industrial export, while 'defense' consumes half of USA federal budget ($3 trillion) during economic crisis.

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