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HE WAS IMMORTAL AND THE WOMAN HE LOVED WAS DYING! The Master is a benevolent tyrant, the world's sole immortal, whose thousand year reign has enabled him to steer humanity from an age of wars and want to a scientific age of peace and plenty. But, now the Master faces his greatest challenge - for what price immortality, when the Lady Ellora, the woman he loves lies dying? Then Everling, a physician with a lust for power offers to trade the Master a cure for the secret, planning to betray humanity and make himself dictator. It is a temptation only a God could resist - her precious life against the world's security - and the Master, though he has lived a thousand years, is still a man. While the Master hesitates, it is up to two women to stop Everling: the Lady Ellora, and Tarmo, a naïf from a backwoods planet, who has history's greatest reason for wanting the Master dead!

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