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The King of Novelty is Jon Goodman’s revisionist epic for posterity of his father, legendary novelty record producer and music sampling pioneer Dickie Goodman, a man contending with internal conflict and familial obligations while entertaining the world; foreword by Dr. Demento, and epigraph from "Weird Al" Yankovic. Chuck Miller, Goldmine. Visit The Official Dickie Goodman Web Site: www.myspace.com/kingofnovelty

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NOW! Larson Lane Entertainment has announced the option for movie rights to The King of Novelty Dickie Goodman!

THE GUINNESS BOOK OF WORLD RECORDS certified Dickie Goodman for the most charted novelty/comedy records! (17) And they used this book in their research!

Varese Sarabande released a CD dedicated to Dad. And it has liner notes by me! It´s a golden opportunity for fans old and new. The title is 25 All Time Novelty Hits and you can get it in stores or go right to the Varese Sarabande web site.

For the fist time ever, a Dickie Goodman record is on a GRAMMY winning CD! RHINO´s, BRAIN IN A BOX-The Science Fiction Collection was nominated for a GRAMMY at the 44th annual GRAMMY Awards; and it won. This fabulous CD box set contains Dickie Goodman´s original hit record from 1956, THE FLYING SAUCER (parts 1 and 2).The reasons for this achievement being so significant cannot be emphasized enough... in 1956 there was no NARAS, hence no GRAMMY for Dickie Goodman. Nearly twenty years later (1975) when Dickie Goodman´s MR. JAWS went gold, there was no qualifying category, hence once again no GRAMMY for Dickie Goodman. Yet now, decades later, this forsaken international icon of American creativity took a ride on a RHINO´s back and for the first time ever got his foot in the back door of the prestigious GRAMMY Awards. Let me tell you, Dad would have been proud enough just to be included on a GRAMMY nominated album, let alone actually winning! Congratulations to the folks at RHINO; I will frame my invitation from the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences and keep The Best Boxed Recording Package close by. The folks at NARAS have also awarded Dad with a posthumous GRAMMY certificate!

Profound, is the only word to describe THE KING OF NOVELTY, because the manuscript is symbolic of the life it represents. Not just a biography, but a metaphor. The King of Novelty is about a famous record producer whose esoteric comedy created more than a genre; Dickie Goodman created an entire subculture. Dickie Goodman, THE KING OF NOVELTY, invented the break-in record; a comedy recording that used samples of previously published hit songs to satirize and make parody of current events. In other words Dickie Goodman began what is now known as mixing and sampling by summarizing an era in two hysterical minutes. Today, sampling is the music industry’s largest source of reinvention, and Dickie Goodman’s novelty/comedy records started it all. THE KING OF NOVELTY describes the impact these eclectic records had on shaping American pop culture.

Dickie Goodman is listed by Billboard as the #1 novelty/comedy recording artist of all time. Over four decades he sold millions of copies of a multitude of charted hits worldwide. To this day Dickie Goodman sells over 100,000 CD’s a year in the US alone!

THE KING OF NOVELTY is the biography of Dickie Goodman; his rise and fall as a creative genius in the music industry and as a human being; and the impact his life and death has on the business he was in and the lives of his loved ones; also the impact Dickie Goodman had on American pop culture and his son, Jon’s struggle to perpetuate his legacy.

THE KING OF NOVELTY is a yellow brick road of hit records, following those gold records as the bricks of a prolific record producer’s career. THE KING OF NOVELTY begins by reeling you in to American pop culture, as it was shaped by Dickie Goodman during one of the most successful periods of his career.

Early chapters delve into genealogy and the childhood of Dickie Goodman and then the course of his life as it leads to more success and impacts the lives of others. THE KING OF NOVELTY is an in-depth study of Dickie Goodman’s invention, the “break-in” record, a recording concept that laid the foundation for what is known today as mixing and sampling.

Middle chapters enter his family life with wives and children, further revealing information on Dickie Goodman’s pioneering contribution to the world of sound bite advertising when the concept was just in its infancy; then a slump in career, which is followed by an enormous come-back.

Later chapters cover a decline in Dickie Goodman’s career and character not to be overcome, and a bond develops with his son, Jon. We take a profound look at Dickie Goodman’s patriotic influence on freedom of speech as we see the effect he had on American parody and satire; the eye-opener that Goodman’s dramatic shaping of radio couldn’t help but spill over into television, and finally dramatic evidence of Dickie Goodman’s impact on the listening habits of millions as he brought them to the back door for their first earshot into the newborn realm of Rock n Roll.

As a special bonus, THE KING OF NOVELTY ends with not only the first complete discography for Dickie Goodman records, but also the world’s first SAMPLEOGRAPHY; listing all Dickie Goodman break-in records and ALL the samples used on them! This is truly a first both in music and literature, a real World Record! Over 700 samples listed!

THE KING OF NOVELTY closely examines the tragic loss of Dickie Goodman’s life, to suicide, and the near death of his work of forty years. Further chapters deal with Jon’s life showing what shapes him to create a young man who will one day be left behind to carry on in his father’s name.

THE KING OF NOVELTY takes us on a fun-filled journey through Dickie Goodman’s career as he pioneered the novelty record, a comedic concept born in the Rock-n-Roll era and carried on through today with some of the biggest hits of all time, with Dickie Goodman fathering most of them.

THE KING OF NOVELTY ends by bringing us up to date on where the legacy of Dickie Goodman stands today. Points brought out in this book rock the foundation of long held beliefs in the music and entertainment industry:

The mythical premise that Rappers and hip-hop artists invented mixing and sampling, an industry in itself that has become the music business’ largest source of revenue.

The enormously popular yet misinformed belief that Elvis and Little Richard single handedly brought in the genre of Rock-N-Roll and R&B, displacing the Pop music trend.

The myth that John Lennon and The Beatles invented speed manipulation remixing and backwards or hidden messages on record sound tracks.

The notion that Phil Spector originated the flip side throw away tune.

The urban legend that Lenny Bruce was the first comedian to attack politics and entertainment with parody, and satire.

The list goes on and on and each case proves Dickie Goodman, a.k.a DG, ORIGINAL NAPSTER, did it first, did it successfully, did it controversial and won, breaking new ground for contemporary comedy, radio and music, for what would become American Pop Culture. Witness the modern changes this American father made, way before his time and what they mean to the awesome media outlets available to the entire entertainment industry toda

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