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In order to get the full value from this book, it is recommended that you already have a solid foundation in the basics of astrology—an understanding of natal signs, houses, planets, aspects and the overall structure of the horoscope.

Reframing Transits

There are already many books available on transits. What makes this one different from the others? It was written to show students of astrology how to interpret transits in a more integrated way.

This book does more than simply describe planets moving through the houses of the horoscope forming aspects to natal planets. The author provides new insights into the complexity of a single transit, showing how one specific transit not only affects the expression of the natal planet it is aspecting, and brings about changes within the experiences of the house it is moving through, but she goes on to show how multiple areas of life and other parts of the personality are also be affected by it. She explains the types of change one encounters as a result of a single transit, and then takes it one step further to show how other seemingly-unrelated areas of life will be affected by the outcome of the change.

One of the major themes presented throughout the book involves a completely new way of looking at transiting planets. Instead of fearing an upcoming transit that is involved in a harsh aspect, for example, the author encourages you to consider looking at transits from a reframed perspective.

We have all been taught that transits cause certain things to occur in our lives, and it is has become easy for us to blame them for the difficult experience we sometimes encounter. Perhaps you recently underwent a square of Uranus to one of your natal planets and your life seemed out of control. Did you ever consider the possibility that you actually needed the energy of Uranus to deal with what was happening to you during that time? Could it be that Uranus was not the cause of the chaos, but instead it enabled you to deal with a life challenge by helping you to detach long enough to get through the initial impact of the event? The intent of this powerful aspect is to liberate you from a limited, overly structured way of thinking at a time when things in your life seemed to collapse. Uranus, the planet, did create problems; it offered solutions; it helped you to transform. Opening one’s intuitive mind often results from a chaotic state.

As another example, perhaps Saturn recently formed a conjunction to your natal Venus, and you experienced a major disappointment in your love life, or your self-worth took a dive. Did Saturn cause your depression? Does it cause unfortunate things to happen to you? Or did it appear by transit at a time in your life when you needed the structure it provides. Rather than creating the problem, transiting Saturn entered the picture to help you to design realistic strategies for overcoming your limitations. It gave you the self-discipline you needed to rise above the depression.


“Transits Reframed” is a proactive, positive way to view planetary movements. And it works. It’s a powerful tool for engaging with the changing currents of life.
—Lucy Pond, Portland, Oregon, March 2013

In her book, ‘Transits Reframed,’ Joanne Wickenburg presents a good argument to support the idea that: “Transiting planets are not enemies, nor do they create crisis, but rather they are forces that enter your life to provide the type of energy you need in order to deal with what is occurring around you and within.” She takes you on a journey that demonstrates how each planet can be viewed with this theory in mind. The information she gives on the importance of considering rulerships when evaluating transits is extremely valuable, and opens up a whole new level for interpreting transits.
__M.M. Seattle, WA

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