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Hearing that you have prostate cancer, or even that you may haveit, is very scary. But this disease, in many cases, is curable.Even if you have advanced cancer that's spread beyond the prostate,many treatments help extend your life for years. You need goodinformation to help you with the decisions that lie ahead, and thisbook provides you with this information.

Prostate Cancer For Dummies can help you if

  • You have prostate cancer (or you think that you have it), orsomeone close to you has it.
  • You want information on treatments for prostate cancer as youform a treatment plan with your doctor.
  • You are curious about alternative therapies for prostatecancer.
  • You want to know what actions you can take over the long-termto continue to fight your prostate cancer.

Prostate Cancer For Dummies explains the key issues andproblems that are associated with prostate cancer, and assures youthat although the initial impact of being diagnosed is devastating,you can take action to extend your life.

You don't have to read this book from the first page straight onthrough, although you can. You may want to read the first chapterand then move to the chapters that affect you the most. InProstate Cancer For Dummies, you'll gain insight into

  • Discovering the key symptoms of prostate cancer
  • Recognizing the risk factors, and who's most likely to haveprostate cancer
  • Getting a diagnosis, and what's involved
  • Getting well again, and how you can work with your doctor tocome up with a plan to cope with your cancer
  • Changing your lifestyle to decrease your risk of arecurrence
  • Coping with the aftermath, from temporary to permanent sideeffects
  • Handling work and family, and how to help others understandwhat you're going through

It's extremely hard to hear from your doctor that you or a lovedone has prostate cancer. But after you recover from the initialshock of diagnosis, you need to educate yourself, and, with thehelp of your physician, make a plan for getting the best treatmentpossible. Prostate Cancer For Dummies will help you achievethese goals and encourage you to maintain your commitment tomanaging your health.

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