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"Mind Your Own Wellness is simple and to the point! Highly recommended for all seeking better health." --Dr. John Gray-- Author of Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus "This book shows you how and what to eat so you have more energy and vitality. You will learn how to lose weight, feel great, and look good!" --Brian Tracy-- Author of Flight Plan: The Real Secret of Success "Mind Your Own Wellness makes sense. It is straightforward and easy to read. Put it to work." --Patricia Bragg, N.D., Ph.D.-- (Daughter of Paul C. Bragg, N.D., Ph.D. - Originator of Health Food Stores) "Most people are digging their graves with their mouths. Alex Ong teaches you the completely opposite -- how to live your life with vitality, perfect health and total fulfillment." --Peggy McColl-- New York Times Best-Selling Author of Your Destiny Switch "Mind Your Own Wellness is one of the better health/diet/nutrition books I have read in a long time. It makes real sense, the methods are easy enough, the healthy lifestyle recommended is simple if you truly want to be well...and the book is as entertaining as it is easy to read!" --Jack Ong (no relation to author)-- Actor-Writer-Activist; voice performer in such audiobooks as The Art of Profitability, Rich Dads Success Stories and Louis L Amours The Diamond of Jeru. "What I love about Alex's plan is that you start slow and build up to more healthy habits as you master the easy ones. That is really important in any self-help program." --Cathy Goodman, Ph.D.--Fibromyalgia Patient Activist "This book is great for anyone who has experienced yo-yo dieting. Alex Ong explains how our thoughts could affect what and how we eat. He opens up a new door for anyone who is willing to take control of his or her Inner Junky (Junk Food) Voice." --Dr. Joe Vitale-- Co-author of The Secret, Author of The Attractor Factor and The Key Product Descriptions Improve Health and Reduce Weight, NATURALLY: Boost Confidence; Increase Energy and Productivity; Reduce Weight and Pains; No Diet Pills; No Starving. This book contains priceless, hands-on tips to help you lower your weight and cholesterol, naturally. You will discover: 1) The GOODs or BADs of 14 Common Things that you eat and drink - including Milk, Fat-Free Foods, BHT (that is hiding in both the so-called healthy cereals and your children's cereals), MSG, Aspartame, Saturated Fat, Trans Fat, Animal Protein, and more... 2) How your Inner Junky (Junk Food) Voice and Inner Healthy Voice determine how and what you eat. 3) How to reduce your weight without diet pills and starving. 4) Ways to improve your health. 5) The key to keep those unwanted pounds off your body for good, step by step. Alex was obese for 20 years. At the young age of 25, his cholesterol was at a dangerously high level of 288. After many years of yo-yo dieting, he finally developed a way to get rid of his unwanted pounds and lowered his cholesterol to 168, naturally. He then began writing this book just as a reminder to himself to stay healthy for his wife and children. Alex also had genetic health warnings: Three of his uncles had died of sudden massive heart attacks at the young ages of 43, 50, and 50, respectively! Then, on September 1st of 2006, he lost his father, again to a sudden massive heart attack. Nothing had impacted him more than losing his dear father and golfing buddy to a heart failure. This did it - it drove Alex to bring this Natural Health book to completion. Alex hopes that we can all live a much healthier and longer life. This book is dedicated to All Lovers Of Health and In Memory Of His Father, Ong Choon Lee! "Don't wait another day to improve your health. Start now. Stay healthy for yourself and your loved ones."

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