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This self-help guidebook was created specifically for the person who needs to face the court on a self-represented basis. With practical, easy to understand, everyday language and straightforward recommendations, this guidebook takes you step by step, from beginning to end to show you what you will be facing and how to deal with most of the standard modification proceedings and documents you will encounter. If your financial situation is worse off than when you were divorced and your alimony payments are now a burden to the point that you find yourself unable to pay, this book can show you how you might relieve that burden. Payments can not only be a burden, but the chances of being involved with a court trial over late alimony payments are not a question of "IF" but "WHEN." Unless you are well off, there will be a time when your ability to keep paying alimony will diminish or stop altogether. Or, your ex might decide that they want an increase in the payments they are receiving. Then what will you do? If you can't afford legal counsel, then you are at the opposition's mercy in the courts. With the information contained in this guidebook, you can change dynamics of your case from one of being a victim on the defensive to one of going on the offensive. Doing this can possibly save you a lot of money. With Florida used as an example, this guidebook will cover such topics as: what court qualifications you have to meet in order for the court to consider reducing your payments; when to file for a modification of alimony; how to learn and understand the legal language; how to do your own research; what type of documents you will encounter; where to get the document forms you will need; the purpose or goal of each document that needs to be filed; considerations in preparing your financial affidavit; how to obtain the financial information of your ex-spouse; how to file the documents you have prepared; how to prepare for the court trial...and much, much more. Get this ebook and learn the details of how to solve some of the problems you might be having with alimony payments.

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