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"How People (Like You) Get Ahead in Business..."

You want it all. The control, the social status, the power, and the money.

And you deserve it. You work hard and you're smart.

So why isn't the success you desire happening? It seems close, yet so far away...

The problem is that you're missing one key element. It's the "missing piece" that will complete the success puzzle and firmly put you where you want to be...

The one thing you need to do? Learn to think like the boss. But how?

"I'll Show You How..."

The success you want can happen both quickly and easily. The question is, "Are you ready to do what it takes to start moving ahead?"

This book contains an "executive success plan" developed over 50 years ago. Simply follow it and you'll get recognized for your hard work, you'll outshine your competition, and you'll get

This book covers everything you need to know to move up in business, such as...

- How To Become a Powerful Communicator Whose Ideas Get Heard (And Remembered!)
- The Most Important Thing You Can Do To Benefit Your Company (This will get you noticed FAST!)
- The Qualities You Must Have to Get Ahead in Business (You probably already have most of them...)

The Most Effective Ways To Motivate Co-Workers That Leave a Positive (And Lasting) Impression On Upper Management

This book is your opportunity to learn from a true "master" of business--a man who used these principles to move his way up the corporate ladder and, after achieving his own success, spent decades teaching his system to others. It will show you how to shortcut your journey to the top.

If you want to make more money and get ahead in business, get this book!

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