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Once a generation, a fair maiden must serve as the virginal sacrifice to the great beast of the mountain, Vruel. When young Dinai is chosen to be the next virgin bride, she resolves to give herself over completely to the creature in order to save her village.

Now Dinai has been whisked away to his mountain lair, and comes face-to-face with the massive, demonic beast-man. But as she offers her fertile young body up to be bred by the terrifying beast, Dinai finds herself experiencing a new unexpected emotion: desire.

This 4,500 word erotic fantasy adventure contains a virgin heroine reluctantly mating with a powerful and animalistic beast-man, oral sex, cunnilingus, rough sex, cream pies, and interspecies breeding.


She set her pack down and stepped cautiously forward. She felt compelled to follow the trail. Each step took her closer to this gigantic mattress that she knew must be the site of her entrance into womanhood. The thought chilled her with shivers of nervous anticipation.

Dinai reached the edge and touched the curtains surrounding it. They were soft and gauzy and parted easily, revealing an expanse of sheets and pillows that seemed to promise some measure of comfort. They did not set her at ease. She steeled herself with a long shuddering breath, then crept onto the firm mattress. The curtain fell behind her as she crawled further, till she had reached the very center. She didn't know what to do next or what was expected of her, so she waited, toying nervously with her long, silky hair.

Dinai had never been in such a massive bed. The curtains hung loosely all around every edge. The stars and moon shone brightly overhead, clearly visible above where she sat. She felt like she were resting on a cloud in the night sky.

Her skin began to prickle with sudden warning. Dinai clutched herself and rubbed over the goosebumps on her arms. She squinted as she peered into the darkness through her curtains.

“Is... Is someone there?” she dared to speak. “I am Dinai. I have been... I was chosen for you.”

There was a beat of silence. Her eyes widened in fear as a low rumble sounded in response and the gauzy cloth billowed at the edge of the bed.

“I promise... to be a good bride,” she swallowed, “but I cannot hide that I am frightened.”

The cloth fluttered in and out noticeably from some great pair of lungs breathing against them. She could make out a massive form standing just beyond the edge of the bed. She knew it must be Vruel. He was watching her. She stared back. She wasn't sure how long she stood, frozen like that.

Finally, the curtain parted. Her pulse began to race faster as a huge, taloned hand pulled it aside. Dark eyes glinted from a beastly face, with horns like a ram and a pointed snout like a dragon. Thick silver hair sprouted in an impressive mane from the crown of its head, down its hulking back, and over its rough-skinned shoulders.

Dinai clenched her jaw to stifle her gasp. She felt light-headed with fear and awe.

“V-Vruel?” she managed.

The dark eyes narrowed as she spoke his name. A growl rumbled from his bare, massive chest as he lifted a trunk of a leg onto the bed. Leathery wings spread slowly, carrying up the curtains with them and revealing the muscles of Vruel's hulking body in all his naked glory.

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