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What a headache lawyers and the law can be when you're trying to run a K-12 school or district-or even teach in the classroom. * When can you just apply old-fashioned common sense and not worry about the statutes? * When must you call the attorney before you say a word? * And is there any place at all where the threats of "calling the lawyer" don't bewilderingly intrude? Is there is a "middle ground" between the law and administrative leadership for both on-the-spot and long-range problem-solving? How and where do you find it? First, we asked a school lawyer. We picked the best: Brian Schwartz, who speaks nationwide, practices law, teaches at college, write The Law of Homeschooling, and is the associate director and general counsel to the Illinois Principals Association. He even writes about law in easy-to-understand English! Then we brought in the best K-12 administrator we could find: Jim Burgett, who has been chosen both Illinois Superintendent of the Year and Illinois Administrator of the Year, was a Blue Ribbon Award winner, and has written three popular books: Teachers Change Lives 24/7, What Every Superintendent Needs to Know, and The Perfect School. Finding Middle Ground in K-12 Education: Balancing Best Practices and the Law is the result! See how many of their 18 case studies you've already had to solve! Knowing the law is only half the answer. That must be blended with common sense, then applied with prudence and love to solve and prevent problems. Who needs an everyday primer on making the law and administrative savvy and wisdom work together in K-12 schools? Every... * SUPERINTENDENT * PRINCIPAL * TEACHER * LAWYER and ENFORECEMENT OFFICER * SCHOOL BOARD MEMBER We asked Jim and Brian to select the most serious everyday administrative topics where the law is involved, and begged them, please, to keep their text practical and usable, give us believable examples-and maybe slip in some appropriate humor. Here's what they chose: ▪ How to Keep Yourself Legally Safe ▪ Student Free Speech and Due Process Rights ▪ Search and Seizure ▪ Student Discipline for Off-Campus Conduct ▪ Educational Issues Regarding Homeschool Students ▪ Safeguarding Student Privacy and Records ▪ Teacher, Administrator, and Board Member Rights and Responsibilities ▪ Dealing with Divorce, Difficult Parents, and Other Family Issues ▪ Managing Money and Student Activity Accounts ▪ Accommodating Gay, Transsexual, and Other Minority Student Populations ▪ Technology and the Schoolhouse. The result? Brian has a masterful way of making complex laws understandable, Jim has a gifted hand in creating win-win solutions-and we dare you not to break out laughing every few pages! In Finding Middle Ground in K-12 Education you will find a procedural map to steer you through that hallowed ground between leadership and school law-guidance when help is most needed! The authors of Finding Middle Ground in K-12 Education: Balancing the Best Practices and the Law have a shared goal: to keep readers and leaders out of court and to provide students with a first-rate education. Would this book help you and your students? ORDER NOW

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