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Encyclopedia of PhilosophyTABLE OF CONTENTS: I. Introduction II. Branches of Philosophy III. Schools of Thoughts IV. Political Philosophy V. Ancient Philosophy VI. Medieval Philosophy VII. Modern Philosophy List of Philosophers Glossary I. IntroductionIntroduction: Western philosophy Philosophical doctrines Ethics and political philosophy in the West Applied philosophy Eastern philosophy African philosophyEastern and Western Philosophy: Eastern WesternHistory of Western Philosophy: Ancient Medieval Modern 19th to mid-20th century List of western philosophersII. Branches of PhilosophyMetaphysics Epistemology Ethics Logic AestheticsIII. Schools of ThoughtsAnalytic Philosophy Aristotelianism Classical Marxism Continental philosophy Cynics Deconstructionism Deism Deontology Dialectical materialism Dualism Eclecticism Empiricism Epicureanism Existentialism Feminism German idealism Hedonism Hegelianism Hermeneutics Historical materialism Humanism Idealism Kantianism Logical Positivism Marxism Materialism Monism Neoplatonism Nihilism Objectivism Ordinary Language Phenomenology Platonism Positivism Post-modernism Post-structuralism Pragmatism Presocratic Rationalism Realism Relativism Scholasticism Skepticism Sophism Stoicism Structuralism Transcendentalism Utilitarianism Virtue EthicsIV. Political PhilosophyPolitical Philosophy: History Contemporary political philosophy Influential political philosophers Aristocracy Meritocracy Monarchy Tyrany Oligarchy Plutocracy Democracy Humanism Liberalism Utilitarianism Communitarianism Feudalism Capitalism Fascism Marxism Communism Despotism Anarchism SyndicalismV. Ancient PhilosophyAncient Philosophy: Western Indian Old Iranian ChineseGreek philosophy: Pre-Socratic philosophy Milesian school: Thales Anaximander Anaximenes of Miletus Pythagoreanism: Pythagoras Philolaus Alcmaeon Archytas Timaeus Ephesian School: Heraclitus Eleatic School: Xenophanes Parmenides Zeno of Elea Melissus of Samos Pluralist School: Anaxagoras Empedocles Atomist School: Leucippus Democritus Sophism: Protagoras Gorgias Prodicus Hippias Diogenes of Apollonia Pherecydes Socrates: Socratic method Socratic dialogue Plato: Platonic idealism Platonic realism Middle Platonism Platonic epistemology Platonic doctrine of recollection Theory of forms AristotleHellenistic Philosophy: Cynicism Epicureanism Hedonism Eclecticism Skepticism Stoicism SophismNeoplatonism: Ammonius Saccas Plotinus Hypatia of Alexandria Iamblichus of Chalcis Proclus Hierocles of Alexandria Simplicius of Cilicia DamasciusVI. Medieval PhilosophyPhilosophy: Scholasticism Supposition theory Renaissance of the 12th centuryPhilosophers: Anselm of Canterbury - Ontological argument Roscellinus - Nominalism Peter Abelard Avicenna Averroes Maimonides Saint Thomas Aquinas William of Ockham - Occam's razorVII. Modern PhilosophyRationalism: Dualism Materialism René Descartes Baruch Spinoza Gottfried Leibniz Immanuel KantEmpiricism: John Locke George Berkeley David Hume

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