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In the following essay, I will discuss the issue of multiple locations of torts in cases of press torts and the theories to solve this problem. I will do so in first explaining what torts, especially press torts are. Afterwards, I will continue with the problems which arise out of this special kind of tort and lead it to a solution. In the end, I will present a little case in order to apply the fore mentioned issues to it. This shall make the facts clearer. II. Main Part 1. What are press torts? A tort in general is a civil wrong not arising out of a contract or statute which came about when one of a person's legal assets is injured by another person1. This injury gives the injured person the right to sue the wrongdoer for damages2. With regard to press torts the injury must be brought about with the help of a written and printed device such as a newspaper, a magazine or a book. These press releases are able to violate a person's personal rights3. This happens, for example, if a picture is published without the consent of the depicted person or a violation of a person's honour takes place. First of all, it is questionable which conflict norms should be applied with regard to these torts. Both the Brussels Regulations4 and the Introductory Act of the German Civil Code (IACC) come into consideration.

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