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True 1892 crime/ famous ghost story solved at last. In this new double edition, the novel Lethal Journey is included in place of the former dramatization. Lethal Journey is still on sale separately as well.

Don’t worry if you want to believe in the ghost legend, which is a lot of fun—and many visitors to the Hotel del Coronado have been spooked by it. Understanding this true history—not the muddled legends and disinformation of the confused and illogical myths—gives you a real appreciation for the tragedy of the Beautiful Stranger (Lizzie Wyllie, not Kate Morgan)—and how she may have become the ghost said to haunt the great resort hotel to this day.

This 2012 double (two full books in one) comes at the 120th Anniversary of the Beautiful Stranger’s mysterious and violent death—a long-cold case, now finally solved. The enigma is no more—but truth is far more entertaining and amazing than fiction. Was it murder or suicide?

This true history—-no paranormal angles involved-—sets the stage for understanding how an expert cover-up by mega-wealthy John Spreckels’ security operatives created a muddled set of myths and legends that have baffled the world for over a century. But the truth has been hidden in plain sight all along. We could have understood all this as long ago as 1890—had anyone thought to lay aside the fog of disinformation and cover-up, and simply read the histories in their proper context.

For the first time ever, penetrate the fog of myth, deception, and cover-up to learn the true story of the Beautiful Stranger. It is a story with not only local, but also national and global implications. Ultimately, it is a tragic and timeless woman’s story, of a ‘ruined woman’ driven to unbearable ends after her betrayal by those she loved and trusted. In death, she was laid out like a fallen princess—a true Victorian Fallen Angel, in the best tradition of the age, as exemplified in Thomas Hardy’s famous tragedy Tess of the D’Urbervilles.

On Thanksgiving Day, 24 November 1892, a young woman (the legendary ‘Beautiful Stranger’) checked into the fabulous Hotel del Coronado, near San Diego, under a false name. She was dazzling and elegant. Staff and guests took for a stage actress or socialite. She was a poor factory girl from Detroit with stars in her eyes. She was also a ‘ruined woman’ (pregnant out of wedlock, condemned by Victorian society). Five days later, she died violently and inexplicably of a gunshot to the head, on the back or beach stairs of the hotel, during one of the century’s most violent ocean storm. Was it murder or suicide, and why? Instantly, her story became a national sensation in the Yellow Press, fueled by rumors of scandal with men in the highest circles.

Dead Move: Kate Morgan and the Haunting Mystery of Coronado (3rd Edition) is true history -- nonfiction. This is a historical, scientific investigation without speculative or paranormal considerations. While neutral on the supernatural, this book gives ghost believers a historical baseline for understanding how the ghost legend came to be. Dead Move uncovers the 1892 cover-up by the Spreckels Machine. The fate of the Spreckels empire was at stake. Hawai'i fell to Spreckels’ U.S. corporate rivals just five weeks after Lizzie died, but Spreckels’ Pinkerton-type agents purposely mixed up a muddle to last generations. All of this information is part of true history, which has been hidden in plain sight for over a century. The entire story could have been understood as long ago as the 1890s, had Spreckels’ agents not masterminded a highly successful cover-up that has confounded police, media, and readers ever since.

Lethal Journey is fiction—a noirish period thriller. Lethal Journey is still on sale separately and may be read (with certain caveats mentioned in this book) as a fast-paced, gripping dramatization in place of the step by step dramatization included with previous editions of Dead Move (no longer included as of the 3rd Edition).

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