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THE THIRD LT. MARK STODDARD MYSTERY IS A DOOZEY! Mark Stoddard is one smart cop. But it doesn't take a genius to know its no ordinary case when he finds a building contractor is found half-embedded in concrete, trousers down, mooning the world. As it turns out, the deceased, Josh Vieland, has enough enemies in and around town to fill a telephone directory. The only person who didn't seem to hate Vieland was his tearful spouse, who refuses to believe anything bad about him--even when he spent most of his evenings away from home, keeping an eye on the property. She says she never suspected her husband was also keeping a very close and eye on a certain young cocktail waitress -- but did she? Then there is the crotchety old gent who lives up the hill from the construction site and would have set his dogs on Vieland if he had any. And why does the lovely young niece seems to know more about the contractor's personal habits than she's willing to admit? Complicating the case are the Shank brothers; two of the shadiest characters in town, who spend most of their time drunk, doped up, or both. Rounding out this zany, light-hearted, romp through mayhem are the property owner, who was expecting to see his house finished on time, a lounge-lizard with no visible means of support, and a restaurant owner with a more than fatherly interest in his female staff. Just as Detective Stoddard thinks he has all the answers, the forensics crew discovers a fascinating fact about the corpse, which turns the entire problem upside down! As In the Library Reviews says: "The action starts quickly and the reader is pulled into the investigation. The characters were exceptionally drawn, with each one being unique. Absorbing."

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