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In picturesque Athens, Alabama, a pet food company is working with an experimental cat food laced with hormones and appetite enhancers. The feed causes cats to add muscle, gain weight, and exhibit extremely aggressive behavior. When Patricia Reese, head of the research project, threatens to expose the pet food as a threat to public safety, she finds herself out of work, her home ransacked, and all her carefully gathered proof missing.

The cats involved in the testing are scheduled to be euthanized by the company, but well-meaning animal rights activists release the animals. These enhanced, hyper-aggressive felines begin to prey on small game in the area, and then the ravenous animals turn their attention to people.

An unemployed scientist, a small special ops team, and a homeless veteran join forces to protect the inhabitants of Athens. Racing against time, they try to prevent the looming catastrophe.

But when someone steals the secret formula that created the menace and sells it to eight foreign enemies of the United States, the most deadly biological weapon ever created has been unleashed. The genie is out of the bottle and the world may never be the same.


No animals or people were harmed during the writing of this book. The author does not hate cats, dogs, women and children, animal rights activists, homeless people, hunters, runners, truck drivers, maintenance men, chicken farmers, police officers, sheriff’s deputies, women who text while driving SUVs, or the elderly. However, the author is deathly afraid of anyone who texts while driving because of several near death experiences attributable to such individuals.

The author is a cat lover, but he is also a writer. This book started with the basic premise of what if. What would happen if a pet food were tampered with in such a way as to make the animals abnormally large and aggressive? Writing this book was, at times, painful for the author who feeds and pets a feral cat on a regular basis. But as a writer, the author felt the storyline was too good not to write, just because it made him uncomfortable.

The setting of this story is in Athens, Alabama, which is where the author resides. Athens was chosen because of his intimate knowledge of the city and the surrounding area. To the best of the author’s knowledge, there are currently no homeless people residing in Athens. The depiction in this book of such an individual is the product of the author’s imagination and is there for storyline purposes only. There is an animal feed manufacturing plant located where the author situated Alcorn Pet Food Corporation in the book. However, it is not configured as described in the book. The author went with that location because of the surrounding terrain, but the real facility is not named Alcorn. The feed produced at that location by the real company is safe.

As far as the author knows, there is no real pet food company by the name Alcorn. That company is the product of his imagination. His research on the fictitious name found no connection to the pet food industry.

The personalities, traits, and decisions made by government officials in portions of this book are not based on the actual individuals currently holding those offices, or any who have held them in the past. They are the product of the author’s imagination.

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