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Do you think your spouse has hidden any assets away? Or, have you hidden some away and wonder if they are safe from detection? Now you can find out. There are essentially five periods when you absolutely need to concern yourself with the planning for your asset protection: before marriage, during marriage, before a divorce, after a divorce, and when you are facing a contempt of court hearing. This manual is a how-to blueprint for anyone who has ever wanted to find out about how assets can be "repositioned," how assets can safely be protected and "cloaked," how you can locate them when someone else has them, and what methods you can employ to find them. If you have them secreted away in a place where you think they won't be found, then you need to know some of the ways in which what you have can be discovered. Knowing what the other side can do and what tools they can utilize will help you to formulate a plan of what you can do to protect what you have. Good asset protection planning starts very early, even before you are contemplating marriage or divorce. With the high probability of divorce, planning for this eventuality should be done in the early stages when you think you might want to tie the knot. When the parties are in "heat" to get married, little thought is given to their financial future and everything seems rosy. As one of the parties to a future divorce proceeding, you will want do what you can to protect what assets you have now....not later. Protecting your assets is more concerned with finding legal and relatively easy methods to implement that are readily available and cost effective. Surprisingly enough, you don't have to resort to exotic and complicated remedies like going offshore to do so. Your other concern is being familiar with the basic laws that regulate what you are trying to do and understanding how the courts view them. The approach this book takes and the content contained herein embraces all these aspects. Your goal is to make your assets "bulletproof" from the courts and as invisible as possible in order to keep them safe from outside attacks. You will find explained some entirely legitimate and commonly overlooked ways to protect your assets, some precautions to use, and hopefully, some considerations of which you weren't aware. In writing this book, it was intended to be sort of a one-stop primer to acquaint you with the many aspects of the practice of "hiding" assets for one reason or another and the methods commonly employed to locate them. Along with that is included a lot of related material that breaks everything down into a coherent flow of information that guides you through more than just the methods and practices used but gets down to giving you an understanding of the basics you need to incorporate into your thinking and planning process. One of the unique facets about these guides is the ongoing and continuing support provided by the publisher's website for each book. In effect, it provides new and updated information for the book's chapter contents as it occurs. This website support insures that the data in the guidebooks is kept current without having to publish revised editions.

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