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Boost Your grades with this illustrated Study Guide. You will use it from college to graduate school and beyond.TABLE OF CONTENTS:Chapters: I. Laws of Science II. Classical Mechanics III. Heat, Gas, and Thermodynamics IV. Electromagnetism V. Optics VI. Atomic PhysicsAppendix: General Index Weights and Measures Physical Constants Variables Commonly Used in PhysicsLaws of Science Fluid mechanics Conservation laws Gas laws Einstein's laws Newton's laws Electromagnetic laws Thermodynamic laws Quantum laws Classical Mechanics Speed Velocity Acceleration Forces; Newton's Second Law Energy Limits of Validity Rigid Body , Rigid Body Dynamics Kinematics Fundamental equations Relative motion Equation of Motion Coordinate systems Rotational Motion Angular Speed ( Frequency ) Angular Velocity Angular Acceleration Kepler's laws of Planetary Motion Mass Force , Centripetal Force Impulse Newton's Laws of Motion Statically Determinate Momentum Angular Momentum Torque Mechanical Work Power Energy Forms of energy Potential Energy Kinetic Energy Gravitation Law of Universal Gravitation Standard Gravity Heat, Gas, and Thermodynamics Conservation Law Conservation of energy Conservation of linear momentum Conservation of angular momentum Conservation of electric charge Heat Temperature Density Liquid Pressure Gas Gas Laws Ideal Gas Law Boyle's Law Charles's Law Gay-Lussac's law Avogadro's Law Combined Gas Law Thermodynamics Thermodynamic Temperature Celsius Fahrenheit Helmholtz Free Energy Thermodynamic Processes Isobaric Process Isochoric Process Isothermal Process Adiabatic Process Thermodynamic Cycle Heat Engine Laws of Thermodynamics Zeroth Law First Law Third Law Combined Law Thermodynamic System Thermodynamic Equilibrium Optics Physical optics Aberrations Coherence Diffraction Dispersion Interference Fermat's principle Optical resolution Angular resolution Polarization Polarization angle Reflection Law of Reflection Lambert's cosine law Total internal reflection Refraction Fresnel Equations Snell's law (law of refraction) Wave Geometric optics Cardinal point Ray (optics) Lenses Focal Length Mirrors Prisms Photoelectric Effect Fundamental Atomic Physics Bohr Model Bohr Radius Bohr Magneton Photon Energy level Atomic orbital Electron Quantum Number Principal Quantum Number Nuclear Magneton Planck's Constant

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