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My name is Serapis. It is usually associated with ancient mystery schools, but my energy is much older than that. I was worshipped as the god Osiris in Atlantis, as Hermes Trimegestus and Thoth, and have been active on this planet for far longer than that. Obviously, the activities of the mystery schools were not disclosed, and that has led to legends about the teachings and initiation rites. These rites were deliberately taxing in order to generate public awe and respect for initiates, but the main reason for such vigorous testing was to change the self-image of new initiates. They believed that passing the tests marked them out as having special psychic abilities and knowledge. This belief, of course, made the acquisition of such knowledge and abilities much easier. Most initiates didn’t realize that everyone had these abilities and that only ignorance kept them dormant. All could ascend but only the initiated believed that they could. That brings us to you. You may not see yourself as an initiate in a modern day mystery school, but you are. Most of what the initiates of old were taught is generally available in books, including this one. Also, the same types of instruction in psychic abilities are readily available today. If this surprises you, remember that most of the population in earlier days was illiterate and ruled by what you would call primitive superstition. You have another advantage over the old mystery school initiates. In those days, ascension was a personal and individual experience. But nowadays, the entire planet is gearing up for a planetary ascension. So that you can all make the necessary changes in a short time, many beings such as myself are paving the way for you to keep pace with the planet’s progress. I am here to talk about ascension: your imminent ascension, and not some far distant historical event. I am talking about changes you are already undergoing and which will continue in the coming years. In this book, we’ll examine personal and planetary ascension, how it affects you, and how you can make the process go more smoothly. This book is a guide to the new terrain, what you will find, and who you will meet. It introduces you to a new vocabulary which will allow you to converse with your fellow travelers with the minimum of misunderstanding, although you must realize that your particular journey is unique. I am using this particular channel because he is of my energy, and therefore our frequencies match closely. Also, he has an extensive technical background, and while this book is not at all technical, I require some precision in describing how energy is manipulated. Off the physical plane, the laws of energy are different, but there are still laws and I want to convey a sense of them with clarity. Use this book as a means for informing your intellect of the process of ascension. Your spirit-self will ensure that the other levels of your being also get the message, because ascension is a “community effort.” Your body consciousness and emotional energy are capable of direct cognition without intermediate language. Rest assured that they are getting the message also. So please read about the process, reflect on it, and discuss it. But do not think for a moment that the written word is all you are getting. At the spirit level, you have all worked with me in the vast Now-point, although you would think of it as a past-life activity. We know each other, and have built up a bond of trust and love over long periods. If you go forward with this book, be aware that knowing its contents alone will change your life and is therefore a com-mitment to your personal ascension. This book is a practical guide to a process that is already under way. It is about metaphysics in the true meaning — the physics behind physics — and describes experiments that you can perform in the safety of your own aura. Notice also that it’s not called THE Ascension Handbook. It’s only one of many such books that are appearing at this point in the process. The book is in two parts. Part One lays the groundwork and introduces you to energy fields. I have worded it so that no special knowledge is required. We also briefly review the events leading to where your planet is now. Part Two is practical: what you can do to accelerate your personal ascension, and thereby the planetary ascension. Because the planet is really one large energy field, each step you take towards personal ascension not only makes it easier for you, but also for everyone else. You are, therefore, a leader by example. We know that you’ve been bombarded with metaphysical books since the printing press was invented, but never before has this type of book been so important. Planetary ascension as fact is not negotiable, and a time frame has been set, one that doesn’t leave much time for debate. So please treat this with the same urgency that we who are off the physical plane do. As Lightworkers, you have prepared for this process since you first started to incarnate on this planet. Our purpose here is to guide the final push — your personal ascension. But, however much we push, a conscious pull is needed on your part. Share this material with your friends, form groups to play with the exercises, talk about ascension to whomever will listen (and to those who won’t). It’s important that everyone knows what’s happening, otherwise we may face mass confusion. You are collectively entering the glorious conclusion of a glorious experiment, and the stage is set. The entire universe is poised in anticipation, so play your parts with joy. — I am Serapis

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