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The #1 Gesture Control, Texting & Shorthand writing language 

ShortPen Shorthand is a revolutionary new & simple, shorthand system. People need a fast writing language that they can use for taking notes, a way to text better, and a communication & control method for stylus pens, touch-screens and mid-air gesture control. A system which has so many benefits, can be used by everyone, and in almost any situation. Do you want to write faster? Want to text faster? Need a language for Gesture Control on a touch, or even touch-less platform!? Fed up with Teeline, Pitman or Gregg Shorthand… getting a headache – don’t worry. ShortPen, is a fast and easy shorthand language designed for writing, texting and gesture control. It makes more sense, is straightforward and doesn’t require months of study. 

Maybe you’re in the tech industry struggling with your Smart Watch interface, grasping for better augmented reality glasses interactions, or frankly, just plain bored of trying to invent the whole new language thing – no fear, ShortPen is here! The Power of the Finger: ShortPen Shorthand Gesture Control, is a book that mixes shorthand with technology to create devastating benefits. Shorthand – still has a purpose. Unleash the power of shorthand and its potential for modern devices with the ShortPen system of fast writing. Use efficient & adaptable shorthand for universal electronic communication, and for alternative control of modern electronic equipment. A guide to the future of electronic interface input. An introduction to the first & only — gesture control language. 

*** 3 books in 1 ! ***

*Book 1 – What on Earth for?

Describes the benefits of using shorthand as a form of gesture to control our modern gadgets: such as the mobile phone, computer, smart watch and augmented reality glasses; and how we can use this type of communication in all kinds of environments whether it be in the Hospital, supermarket, office, or even when travelling. Get rid of your keyboard & mouse!

*Book 2 – ShortPen Shorthand.

Introduces a revolutionary, new & simple, shorthand system that can be used for writing, texting and as a form of gesture control. The book goes into detail explaining the alphabet and all the key rules – with additional quotation examples along the way to further enhance learning. Advanced rules, are also explained such as word grouping and further abbreviation techniques.

*Book 3 – The Case of the Missing Book? A short mystery story written in ShortPen Shorthand.

The case is on to solve a mysterious robbery of a random book of little value from Oban, in Scotland. Why go to such trouble? That is the question that Chief Inspector, Tom Strachan and Police Constable, Clive Woods need to figure out… A crime that leads them to uncover an amazing chain of events going back many years…

“–get the book in the briefcase. Get the book, don’t leave it! Whatever you do!”


**The Kobo edition has all the same pictures and diagrams as the print edition, and they are clear, and well laid out. Approximately 350 images over 250 pages.



The book that you have in your hands – is about shorthand. Yes, I said that word… shorthand! Please don’t throw this book down now, please read on; stop running out the shop, ignore that [back] button on your browser – scream silently if you have to. This book is again, yes, I will say that word – is all about: shorthand. “Why?” You gasp in horror, “Why on earth!”


And stop pulling that face; it’s not your typical book on shorthand – not that many have been written recently for that matter. Anyway, it has more to do with technology than writing, but there is a dose of shorthand thrown in, and for good reason. Although, the end bit does get a bit shorthandy, I must add. Look, I’ll get straight to the point, it’s actually all about the future and I mean that in all honesty.

This book is about modern device shorthand, because believe it or not, shorthand is not dead. In fact, it’s alive and kicking, and you just don’t realise it; yet. The book will explain how we are already trying to use shorthand in a manner with our gadgets but failing as we have no language in use. It will show you a different way of how we can interact with our devices using: ShortPen Shorthand. A simple writing system which involves skipping and swapping letters, and reducing the outlines of the alphabet.

A simple control language where you don’t need 6 months or even 6 weeks to grasp, more like 6 days or even 6 hours.

Start invoking the shortcut – ShortPen!



The Power of the Finger: ShortPen Shorthand Gesture Control
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January 23rd, 2015
Quirky book with a new angle on writing in shorthand and interacting with computers and phones. The many illustrations were a bonus.
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