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In the beginning, it was my purpose to find the body o a woman through the use of hypnosis. I wanted to show that, by proper use and knowledge, hypnosis could be used for many things more beneficial to mankind that entertainment. As it became evident that more important knowledge could be obtained from a source that is available only once in a lifetime, I left unfinished the search for the body of Mrs. Dolores Mae Siddall.

Many hypnotists, including myself, have, through regression, made contact with entities on various levels; but never had I heard of anyone obtaining the level indicated by Rebecca.

Many things not mentioned herein were received from this level—including others which will some day be made known to all those who are interested.

To sum up, the following pattern of life has been established in these series of regressions:

The Creation

“God created man in his own image” (Genesis 1:27).

A creation is made by the leader (God). This creation or entity is given knowledge of its purpose in life and schooled in the requirements for its purification by the teacher (Christ) and the masters (others, such as Buddha, Mohammed, etc.). Then, at the request of God—or by their own desire to learn and raise themselves to a higher perfection—they prepare to be born. (As one subject explained it, To change from a high vibration and frequency to a low vibration and solid.”) This preparation is made by studying the records supplied by god of the persons and the experience they will be born to; then, at their final decision, they make the entry into life.

The Entry

The entry is made, at the time of conception, by a force described as mass energy, when the soul is united with the physical body and the person begins a growth into life. The months during pregnancy are a growing, learning and resting period to prepare you for this life. If, at any time, you feel that you no longer want to complete or lice this life experience, you can return to the area of your accomplishment to further your learning and prepare for another life experience. (See Rebecca’s explanation of miscarriage.) We are told in regression that the soul must go down to go up—or come down into a life experience to learn that which is necessary to raise itself to a higher level of perfection.

The Experience and Purpose

We are told that a person’s life experience is determined before he makes his entry into it; and it is his own choice, the way that he conducts himself in this experience. Psychology says that what one’s environment is, and hereditary traits are, determine one’s personality, profession and way of life. If we accept the theory given from regressions, it would then seem that what environment and heredity contributes to your experience is the type of heredity and experience that you have selected, prior to being born, to advance your learning and perfection. We are told that we must learn everything, good and bad. This would mean that we must, through actual experiences, associations or study, know every phase of life and its environment to reach perfection.

To Go Ahead

It has been explained that we have only one life, but that we live many life experiences. What we term “death” is only the completion of one phase of the learning process. When we lose the will to live, when we feel that we can no longer learn to help ourselves or others, we may go ahead. We return to an area beyond, to a level of perfection where we are counseled by our God and masters to prepare ourselves for another experience. Each of us has free agency or fee will to decide what we want here and beyond. If we choose to stay in this beyond area, we can; but if we make this choice, we are then limited to the knowledge and perfection already gained. We may be able to move up in one area; but to reach the total; we must choose to live again.

The Area Beyond

The areas beyond are divided into different levels or planes. The stage of development in your learning determines the level of perfection you will be confined to. It is explained that life in the beyond is similar to ours here, except that in that area we see the truth more clearly. We are taught to love, and we are taught the knowledge of life. The ones in the lower areas are the helpers or laborers of the higher ones, who are the teachers and masters. We are told that person of the lowest area may have no ambition or desire to improve, and that most stay in this are till eternity. A person of the highest level who has reached perfection would have no need for further life experiences, except for the purpose of helping someone else. They may also stay at this level, where they teach and help others to understand, both in their areas and here on earth. The middle areas are for those in the process of learning to raise themselves to the higher level. This re-cycle process to obtain perfection is the true explanation of reincarnation.


Religion is what a person believes. I am told that there are over 167 churches of different religious beliefs. Some I am familiar with, and many I am not. Whether people want to believe it or not, most religions are very close to teaching reincarnation. It’s just that they don’t understand it! Some ministers don’t understand; and those how do are afraid to teach it. As I have mentioned before, if you can accept the theory that a soul is created and born into a life experience and, on death, goes to a life after death, then why is it so impossible for this soul to make another, or more than one, entry? Have you ever thought about where all these souls have gone since the beginning of time? Where did the expressions “soul mate,” “guardian angel,” “spirit” and other such words originate? All of these fit into the explanation of re-cycle. Most people, once or twice in their lives, will experience something they can’t understand, but will open a door to the possibility that this re-cycle, or life after death, exists.

If they accept this, it is one way of notifying them that they have lived before. In understanding this theory, you recognize that all religions have a similar goal, and the right one is what a person feels is right. To me, this theory seems to take all religions and simplify them into the basic truth laid down by god in the beginning—and that is to believe in God and to follow the Ten Commandments and to loves your fellow men, who were created as you equals.

In some of the regressions, you will find God is described as a very bright light, a total energy, high vibrations and love. Some people cannot conceive that God is an individual, as is Christ; and yet the Bible, in so many places, tells you that he is the father of Christ and that you have been created in His image. In a sense, these explanations of total energy and vibrations may be correct. One reason for these descriptions is that the entity, or soul giving these explanations, has only accomplished the level and knowledge and understanding of these interpretations.

As in the process of being born, the inner mind influences your religious beliefs, rather than your beliefs influencing your soul. And each religious belief is a step upward to the final truth—one belief for all.

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