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Most Noble, most Excellent, most Expert, and most Accurate Inspectors of the Vulcanian Anatomy, and my most real FRIENDS. Although I neither was willing, nor able to be wanting to my honoured Friends, yet would not divulge and bring to light the Verity of the Spagirick Art, but by this most precious, and Miraculous Arcanum, which I not only saw with these Eyes, but taking a little of the transmutatory powder, I myself also transmuted an Impure Mass of Lead volatile in the Fire, into fixed Gold, constantly sustaining every Examen of Fire: in such wise, as henceforth it can no more be suspected by any Man, no not by those, who unto this day have perswaded themselves and others, that this Arcanum is given to no man: but contrarily we were fully and indubitately perswaded, that, in things of Nature, The Mercury of Philosophers is Primo-material, and is like a Fountain overflowing with wonderfull Effects, and those escaping every acuteness, and Light of Human reprehensible Reason, as shall be evidenced in this my little work: which I was willing to dedicate and consecrate to you, my Primary Patrons, as to most prudent Masters, and Defenders. Yet in the mean while, I pray consider, that I have not writ to the end I would teach any one, that Art, which I my self know not, but only that I might recite the true Process of this Arcanum. For, what can more confirm, and Patronize Verity, than the true Light of Truth it self? It is the property of Brute Animals to pass their life in Silence, and especially not to heed those things in them, which do most of all look to, and are required for the propagation of the Glory of the most Wise, and most powerful GOD our creator. Wherefore, since it is a thing unworthy, and to the Divine Majesty ungrateful, for Man, who should be a Consort of the Divine Nature, to wax brutish with Brutes, I present to you, my most faithful Friends, and Patrons of this Science, this most rare History: having as time, and my Ability would permit, recollected all things, and have faithfully commemorated them. Therefore, omitting all paints, and flourishes of Rhetorical Expressions, I will forthwith betake my self to the discovery of all, whatsoever I both saw, and heard from Elias the Artist touching this. For truly, I was not so intimately familiar with him, as that he should instruct me in the way of preparing the Universal Medicine, after the Method of Physico-artificial Chimistry: yet he supplyed me with such Reasons in the Method of Healing, as I shall never be able to commend his worth with condigne Praises. Therefore, most curious Favourers, and true Lovers of the Chimical Art, accept of this little work, as a mean Gift, or if you had rather, peruse if only for recreation of the mind; for in it I shall relate all things whatsoever, that were discoursed of between him and me, at several times: humbly requesting, that with the same benevolence you have received other of my small Treatises, you would also accept of this Novel, which I freely dedicate, and officiously give to you, for a motion, and increase of Admiration. Farewel, avete, favete. Your most humble John Fredrick Helvetius

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