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In the little village of Sugar Bush, is where their lives began. “Twas a tiny town but oh so vast were the dreams of every man. The backgrounds of these families were special in every way, and their efforts for life & survival grew together day-by-day!

From early dawn ‘till darkness they labored, cleared and planted. Each evening, on their knees, prayed God their labors granted! Looking back, it seems, these lives were such a simple state, lovingly working with neighbors, trusting heaven as their fate.

Their children grew to maturity, with values deep and strong, giving honor to their parents & knowing right from wrong. They built a strong America – a country brave and free, a template of love and friendship – “a place of democracy”.

Oh, thank you, loyal pilgrims – to you we owe it all! Because of your great faithfulness – America stands tall!

Our forebearers passed on to us, a love of learning and a sense of responsibility to leave our world a better place. We are the grateful beneficiaries of our Mother’s intellectual curiosity and our Father’s compulsion to solve each problem he encountered. Good people help their neighbors in communities every day. Whether through military service, political activism, volunteering in schools, hospitals and libraries or through deliberate acts of kindness; (each of us has something to contribute to improve another’s life.) We are grateful to live in a world where there are so many people who act on impulse to be kind and helpful.

Because our father, (Gerald E, Tietz), our mother, (Alice Lehman-Tietz) and our sister, Anita Tietz-Krueger), passed away before this book was written, it is imperative that we honor each of them for their readiness to help others, for teaching us to value excellence in ourselves and others and for their roles in forming the foundation of a community 4-H club that is still thriving after more than half a century. We honor them for their unwavering love and support, for their wisdom, encouragement and remarkable examples of how to live a full and meaningful life in harmony with God!

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