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The End Times Guide provides a comprehensive, event-by-event analysis of the End Times, distilled down into a svelte 160 pages. Once through and the reader will know the events of the End Times, the order in which they will occur and most importantly, why. All packed into a form that will fit in the back pocket of a pair of jeans. The End Times Guide is unique in three ways: 1) Compact and succinct, The End Times Guide gets directly to the point in a way that no other book does. With no filler, no rhetoric and no Hollywood spin, the reader's time and intelligence are respected. In mere hours, a difficult and complicated subject becomes accessible and clear. 2) The End Times Guide is nondenominational and will appeal to the religiously unaffiliated. At no time, up to and including the battle of Armageddon, is there any reference to a specific deity or religious source material. Just the facts are presented. Only in the last section are the "who" and "why" necessarily explained. 3) The End Times Guide breaks new ground. Written from an unencumbered, nonsectarian perspective, the source material is viewed in the light of current-day circumstances and emerging trends allowing fresh insights to merge seamlessly in a cross section of science, faith, power and politics. Years of research and intensive study went into the making of The End Times Guide. After reading this book, you'll be as convinced as I am that the End Times are close at hand. There isn't a better time to become informed!

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