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When Jenna's boyfriend tells her to get rid of her misbehaving dog, she reluctantly agrees. But, she soon finds that he's not even a dog at all: he's the demon Cerberus! And he decides that Jenna needs to be taught a lesson!

This 7,500 word story contains a triple headed demon, triple headed oral, and a massive triple headed cock impregnating a woman!


My naked body hit the hot, ashy air, and I blushed red. A tingle surged through me. God, why was this happening to me? Why did my doggy turn out to be this horrible Hell beast? I didn’t want to get ***** by a dog, never mind a giant demon one with three heads!

He ragged the scraps around in his mouths. Saliva sploshed everywhere, and foam dripped off onto my body, roasting my breasts and bare *****.

“No, please, no!” I screamed, and shook my head around. I pushed against him with all my might, but he was just too strong. Way, way too strong!

His three heads swallowed the scraps of my clothes, and they bulged in each of the three throats. This monster could fit way more down those three mouths, and he’d do it easily. If I pissed him off too much, he’d tear me to pieces until I was nothing but a ravaged skeleton. I’d seen what he did with lamb bones in his normal form, and I certainly didn’t want to be on the receiving end of those three heads in this form!

“Mmm…” His six eyes stared at my breasts, and his mouths dripped more hot saliva onto them. I gritted my teeth and closed my eyes from the burning. “You have such wonderful breasts, Jenna. It’s a shame Brian got his hands on them. But he never will from now on.”

“P-please!” I cried. “Just let me go!”

“That’s not possible, Jenna,” he said. “You’re my bitch now!”

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