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What if you could speed up your martial arts and self-defense training?

What if you could avoid spending precious time on the things that will not help you improve?


In this book, bestselling author and expert martial artist Wim Demeere compiles the essential articles from his blog. He covers martial arts and self-defense as primary topics but also connects them with many other aspects such as training, teaching, health, psychological factors and much more.


This volume includes not only updated versions of those posts, it also offers you contributions by other world renowned experts such as:

* Loren W. Christensen

* Marc MacYoung

* Rory Miller

* Alain Burrese

* Kris Wilder

* Mark Mireles


This book isn't about untested theories or hypothetical situations but instead focuses on practical advice you can use right away to gain new insights into violence, martial arts and self defense. Wim Demeere and these other authors team up to share the hard-earned knowledge they learned in decades of shedding blood and sweat in both the mean streets and the ring. Some of the articles you'll read in this book are:


* MMA sucks, traditional martial arts suck more.

* From the Octagon to the Street

* How to learn techniques from video

* How to piss off your training partner

* MMA against multiple opponents

* How to avoid shoulder injuries in the martial arts

* The limits of martial arts knowledge and skill

* Three keys to joint lock success


Whatever your fighting art or goal, this thought-provoking book helps you improve your skills and knowledge for years to come.

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