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“Mahatma Kabir Saheb [great soul Master Kabir] was/is a being who was liberated while still in the body. It seems that many have heard of this Mahatma, yet his exact birthplace remains more or less unknown. There is even a legend that says that he did not take birth in any womb. He was raised from infancy by a Muslim fisherman in Varanasi. If one examines the supernatural work of Kabir Saheb during his actual life, the [aforementioned] legend is not impossible to believe. It has been said that upon the passing of Kabir Saheb’s mortal life, his Hindu and Muslim disciples began quarreling over his body. Amongst the disciples, the Hindus wanted to cremate the body of their guru and the Muslims wished to bury him. This conflict led to physical fighting, at which time Kabir Saheb bodily got up [from the bier] and stood in the midst of the disciples and, pacifying them, said, “Why are you quarreling over this body of skin and bones? What will you gain by this? All good that is to happen from this [the passing] has already happened. Do not fight any more. I will lie down with this sheet and cover myself. Whatever you find under here afterwards – distribute that amongst yourselves.” Later, the disciples lifted the cover and saw that there were only some jasmine flowers on the cloth, and there was no body.”

- From the Foreword by Publisher Sri Panchanon Bhattacharya

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