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This ride is going to last a lot longer than eight seconds…

Female professional bull rider, Reece Hearst, graduated from the school of hard knocks. With honors. Because life is like bull riding—when it sends you to the dirt, you do whatever it takes to get on your feet, even if you have to crawl. Like when officials stripped her of her rodeo queen title on the basis of vicious gossip years ago and not even her father would believe her side of the story. Reece could have stayed in the dust, wallowing. Instead, she fixed Lonesome Point in her rearview, joined the pro circuit, and never looked back. But now a serious injury threatens to end her career and she’s back in Lonesome Point, living next door to the family that once made her life a living hell.

After multiple tours of duty in Afghanistan and his father’s death, all Grayson Parker wants is to get his family’s cattle business back in the black and live a quiet life. But the return of Reece Hearst opens old wounds, throwing his ordered world into chaos. Grayson was serving overseas when Reece was a teenager and can’t believe the girl he once knew has grown into a heartbreaker as hardened as she is beautiful.

Grayson finds a kindred spirit in wounded Reece and soon longs to be the man to show her that there is life after pain and loss. But can two people as damaged as Reece and Grayson find their way to happily ever after? Or will the scars on their hearts forever keep them apart?

The Lonesome Point Texas Series


Book Reviews

Glitter and Grit
Average rating
4.1 / 5
Review: Lonesome Point, Texas #4: Glitter and Grit
December 3rd, 2015
Glitter and Grit by Jessie Evans is the fourth book in her Lonesome Point, Texas Series. This series is an awesome combination of romance and modern cowboy. Reece's story was very moving. Prior to this book we only knew her as Tulsi's standoffish, professional bull-riding sister. Now we get the story behind the attitude and aloofness. Grayson Parker is back. He's been gone from Lonesome Point for years. He enlisted after his mother died and has barely looked back. With his fathers recent and sudden death it's now down to him to take over the family ranch and help protect his sister Laney from her abusive ex-husband. A chance meeting at a bar on Christmas Eve causes these two to cross paths and it's not until the next day that they realize the significance of who they went home with. Things only escalate from there. The beauty of this series is that so far the stories have all intertwined and been about the people of Lonesome Point but have not been formulaic. Each story is unique to the characters and is a treasure to read.
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1 review
it was ok
February 22nd, 2015
Glitter and grit was sadly missing the Grit to the story. it was ok for a light read but not really substantial. wont change your life.
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1 review
January 2nd, 2015
Each time a new Lonesome Point Texas novel arrives on my Kindle it feels like coming home. I didn't think it was possible for me to love each cowboy more, but there is something about Grayson that has me intrigued. I loved everything about him, and his romance with Reece. I never want the books to end once I begin, but the only silver lining is that Jessie Evans is keeping the series going...bring on John and Cole's stories. I can't wait!!
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1 review
Jessie Evans has done it again!!
December 26th, 2014
Wow! Glitter and Grit...where do I begin? This is the fourth full-length novel in Jessie Evans' Lonesome Point series, and OMG she has totally outdone herself. Though I loved each of the other couples throughout this series, Ms. Evans has taken us to an entirely new level of character complexity and romance, not to mention, at times, heart-wrenching emotion. Both Reece and Grayson have suffered from unthinkable pain and loss in the past. Though Grayson has reached a point in his life of acceptance and coming to terms with what he has endured, Reece has spent the last 12 years running from her pain, believing that the best way to protect herself was to stay as far from home and the hurt as she could. But now having suffered a serious injury Reece returns home in hopes of recuperating quickly so she can “run away” once again. But on her first night back in Lonesome Point, Reece meets a "brooding" Grayson and quickly begins to feel an unexpected connection between them. Though she continues to keep the walls she has built around her heart safely in place, as their time together passes, Reece starts to believe and trust in Grayson. And Grayson senses that there is something special about Reece as well, and his need to protect her, even though he has only known her for a short time, grows very quickly. Both Reece and Grayson begin to perceive that the link between them could be more than either of them had ever anticipated. But when ghosts from the past arise, will Grayson be able to protect Reece and keep her from running away again? This is another amazing Lonesome Point novel by Jessie Evans. The connection between Grayson and Reece pulled me in from the very beginning and the banter and dialog between them is so entertaining, it made it difficult for me to stop reading and put the book down. Although on the flipside, I found myself not wanting to finish their story because I knew I was going to miss Grayson and Reece once I turned the final page. After having read each of the prior books in this series, I knew Glitter and Grit would be just as entertaining, and I was right. It tells us a story between two soles that have been hurt in the past that find each other. The connection of their hearts takes the healing power far beyond anything they had ever imagined they would find. Glitter and Grit can be read as a standalone, but once you have entered the world of Lonesome Point, Texas, you will definitely feel a curiosity and be drawn to the rest of the stories as these characters will feel more like friends than characters from a book. I am really looking forward to more from Jessie Evans and her outstanding series as each time I come to end of one of these novels, I feel as though I am saying goodbye to friends and am left with a great anticipation and looking forward to spending time with them again.
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1 review
another 5++ star read
December 19th, 2014
Review of Glitter and Grit by Jessie Evans Let me just say this, I LOVE Jessie's writing so much that I devour everything she writes as quickly as I can and then I'm chomping at the bit for the next story. This book centers around Reece, who is the older sister of Tulsi from Diamonds and Dust. We got a little peek at her character from that book and I just knew there would be more to come. Reece left home before graduating high school and a major issue with their Father. Tulsi never talked about what the problems were, but we could tell it was going to be big. We meet Reece in this book after she comes back to Lonesome Point due to a skull fracture from her bull riding. It's Christmas Eve and with no way to get to her parents farm, she heads over to the Blue Moon Saloon in hopes of finding someone that can give her a ride. She ends up meeting "Broody" there and they seem to hit it off. He takes her home with him, but mixing beer with her pain killers wasn't the best idea. She wakes up the next morning and has no memory of what transpired after they left the bar. When she recognizes where she is, she panics and we learn about the reason for her leaving home when she did and what led to the trouble between her and her Father. Grayson is the son of the man that caused her so much pain and she runs from him. I will not give any spoilers past this, but you will want to read this book. There were so many good points in this book that make you stop and wonder what we, as women, have had to deal with and the long road we still need to travel. I will say, that I laughed and cried ugly tears during the last 10% of the book, but I wouldn't have had it any other way. I am looking forward to reading the next story Jessie writes, as she keeps writing amazing stories and we get to reap the rewards. **Complimentary Copy provided by Author for an honest review.**
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1 review
December 19th, 2014
Jessie Evans has created a place and group of characters that I never want to leave. Lonesome Point, Texas is is not a perfect place. Life, with all it's ups and down, challenges and uncertainties also includes commitment and love. I think that's why these stories resonate for me so much. The characters are real - they are not perfect. They have foibles and flaws yet still strive to gain what I believe we all want - acceptance and love. Grayson and Reece pulled me back to my favourite town and I enjoyed every minute I spent there - when I was laughing and also when I was crying. My new favourite!
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1 review
The series just keeps getting better and better!
December 18th, 2014
I love Jessie's Lonesome Point Texas series. So much. I want to know these people, I want to live with them. These small town people are full of life, emotion, sass and love. Jessie just gets better and better. I love the way she writes and I can't wait to read the next book because I know it will be amazing! She has given me more book boyfriends this year than any other author! She has this wonderful way of bringing her characters to life with their smart mouths, dynamic personalities and hearts of gold. Glitter and Grit is the story of Reece and Grayson. Reece is Tulsi's sister and she's back in town after a rodeo accident. She meets Grayson one night and neither of them knows who the other is. It's the perfect scenario since she's only in town for a few days. Once she realizes who he is she runs, it's what she does best; runs to escape her painful past. Grayson isn't going to let her go without a fight. Reece decides she could use a friend, but Grayson feels like more than a friend. Can she risk her heart with this brooding stranger or when it's time to leave town will she run again. Will Grayson lay his heart on the line and ask her to stay? This is such a wonderful, emotional story that I could not put down. Grayson is smokin' hot, sweet and refreshingly thirty-eight years old! :) and Reece is a hilarious spitfire! I love seeing leading ladies that are tough, stubborn and can take care of themselves. Thank you Jessie for another book boyfriend and I can't wait for Cole and Layla's story! She couldn't remember a damned thing about the body beneath his gray sweater and dark jeans. Which was a crying shame. Broody was even more handsome in the daylight with his blue eyes catching the dim light penetrating the shadows of the barn and his cowboy hat settled on his head. Reece didn't really want to watch Die Hard, she wanted to crawl into Grayson's lap, straddle his thick thighs, and rub all over him like a cat in heat.
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1 review

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