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This book is for all you babyboomers out there who always wanted to get into great shape but your lifestyle didn’t quite allow it. Now you’re over 50 so it’s too late, right? WRONG! You’re not as old as you think, and bodybuilding can make you look and feel years younger. This book will show you how to gradually get back into exercising, slowly and safely. I’ll show you how to transform your body, gradually conditioning it to be more durable. Do you still have the heart? The desire? All you need is 30 minutes a day in the privacy of your own home or the gym.

This book has no gimmicks about getting ripped in 90 days or losing inches off your waist in 6 weeks. Why do you think so many people fail trying these types of programs? They are promised huge results in a short amount of time. Changing your physique is a slow process, especially as your grow older. At the age of 49, I had allowed myself to get way out of shape. I made the decision to be as fit as possible when I turned 50. I gave myself one year to accomplish this. When you take my slow but sure strategy, you won’t get discouraged because you’ll see the results, slowly and surely. Do you want to shed that shirt when you mow your yard? You and everyone around you will notice a big difference in your physique. When you’re finished with my program your body will be a solid foundation. Then just 15 minutes a day will maintain the body you built. C’mon! Give yourself one year! What’s one more year when it will get you in the best shape possible and make your life easier, healthier, and more fulfilling. This book is written in a simple and easy to understand format to guide you on your exciting journey to a lean and muscular body. TO BE FIT!

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