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An amazing discovery found in a lost and ancient artifact during a secret 1968 Smithsonian, National Geographic joint expedition has the ability to change everything the world has been told about our origin. The entity is removed and shipped to Washington, D.C.

Decades later a group of modern explorers uncover the artifact. They find a set of ancient scrolls hidden inside and discover they're not the first to visit the five-thousand year old Monolithic structure. Someone had been there before and has taken an important and mysterious antiquity.

Meanwhile, Kait Zorn is headed to the site to be the exclusive photojournalist at the biggest discovery in modern history. While she photographs and documents the find, forces in the scientific community who protect the secret of the entity, destroy the artifact with a missile strike. Kait barely escapes with her life, taking the ancient scrolls and her photos with her.

In Jerusalem, with the help of her rag-tag scientific team, the scrolls are deciphered and the implications of what was stolen from the artifact are too powerful of a secret to be kept from the world.

Kait’s older sister, Dr. Sara Zorn is a brilliant scientist. She knows if the find is made public and the secret joint Smithsonian/National Geographic expedition is exposed, it could usher in a global calamity. Years ago she committed herself to a moral atrocity and swore never to tell a soul. She’s been secretly researching the entity taken in 1968. By sequencing the DNA she developed an elixir of youth that she’s been testing on herself to achieve human superiority, only to find the serum has backfired – she is dying. Frantically, she works on adjusting the serum while orchestrating the destruction of the artifact and all who have seen it, including her own sister and father.

Kait Zorn musters her courage and is bent on finding the truth of who the entity is and expose it’s true meaning to the world – at all cost. In a frantic, globe-hopping adventure, Kait dodges danger at every turn from a mysterious villain who anticipates her every move and finds herself fighting a hideous plot by her sister to subjugate the entire human race.

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Entity of Origin
Average rating
3.7 / 5
Religious adventure
March 28th, 2015
It gave me a different view on religious story telling and adventure got me thinking I will have to read the bible again
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1 review
The mystery of all mysteries!
March 27th, 2015
The ultimate question the humans have debated The ultimate question that humanity quanders? Read and wonder. A great yarn. Go fori t.
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1 review
Entity of origin
July 4th, 2014
This book has been bankrolled by the creationist lobby and written by an idiot! I've been unable to find the slightest enjoyment from this nonsense. It's so boring that even $1.09 was a waste ov cash. Never mind the the time I lost reading this BS
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1 review
June 19th, 2014
A brilliant piece of scholastic fabrication that many with faith in Christianity would longingly hope to be a true story. I myself love reading imaginative fiction based on biblical/historical texts. The research that Jeff Means must have put in to produce this very entertaining novel must have been extensive and time consuming but he would be extremely satisfied with the end result of a captivating story that fiction readers the world over would, like myself, thoroughly enjoy from start to finish! I will definitely be looking for other novels by this talented author to add to my Kobo library
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1 review
An easy read
May 7th, 2014
Excellent a fast paced read, couldn't put it down
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1 review
Quite interesting
February 15th, 2014
This was classic good versus evil, a worthwile book to read.
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1 review

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