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When mild-mannered Candace unwittingly strikes up a conversation at the bar with werewolf, Jake, she feels herself strangely drawn to him. Soon, she finds herself going further and further than she had ever intended. Will Jake help Candace unleash her wild side?

Warning: This 4500 word erotic werewolf story includes a shy and sexually inexperienced college student, an older rougher werewolf, and enough dark, rough werewolf sex to give them both exactly what they need.


“Honey, if you want him to see your ass, you’re leaning in the wrong direction” Jake quipped. “What are you looking for anyway?” he asked.

Candace laughed “a man. Or whisky, really either.” Maybe it wasn’t such a good idea to flirt with a guy who looked like a convicted felon, but from the corner of her eye, Candace could see Scott looking at her. Maybe she could play this out a little longer. After all, how much could happen to her right here at the bar?

Jake was starting to get interested in this sweet little piece of ass. Maybe he’d play with her a bit. Maybe the best approach was to start with the truth: “Honey, I’ve been drinking for a week straight, so I’ll be honest with you. I ain’t a man, I’m a wolf. A low down, dirty wolf. I howl and scratch and lose all control of myself around women. Go back to your boyfriend and make nice.” For the first time, he looked up at Candace, and she saw his eyes, so green they almost glowed. He looked her over, and she felt a strange pride at his interest.

There was something raw about Jake, something broken that intrigued Candace. He had never been a college boy, but he had been damn good looking, almost pretty, when he was younger, but his clean-cut, boyish looks had given way over the years to something harder. A face carved by long nights and fighting and hard jobs. Jake’s jaw was still strong, but now it was covered in grizzled stubble. Though he was barely thirty, only his eyes betrayed any hint of his youth.

Candace was drawn to those eyes. She felt like a moth circling a flame. She knew where this would lead. Jake reached over the bar, and grabbed a bottle of whisky, and poured two shots. He handed one to Candace, letting his hand linger on hers for a moment. The slight touch terrified and thrilled her at the same time.

“So you’re a wolf?”

“We can save the chit chat, and I can show you, if you’d like,” he said, nodding towards the door. Jake placed his hand on Candace’s knee. His hand felt as rough through her jeans as it had on her hand. She pretended she hadn’t noticed and took another sip of the whisky. She had almost finished the shot. She didn’t know if it was the attention from Jake or the alcohol, but she felt really warm and slightly off balance.

Jake slid his hand over the rip in Candace’s jeans, and she shuddered. She didn’t know whether she was afraid or enticed, but her heart was racing. After a moment, Jake continued to slide his hand up the inside of her thigh, silently looking at her, waiting for some sign one way or another.

Candace looked to see if any of her friends were looking. They weren’t. In fact, Jill and Scott looked like they were going to start trying to make a baby at any moment now, and Heather wasn’t anywhere to be seen. Jake’s hand was almost to her crotch, and Candace wondered if Jake could feel the heat from her pussy.

She didn’t know it, but he could, and the mere thought of getting inside her, a thought that had been absurd until moments ago, made him almost uncontrollably aroused. He wanted to clear off the bar and fuck her right there in front of everyone. He wanted to tear off her clothes and show her how a wolf fucks. He knew fucking a human was against the pack’s rules, but he had broken the rules before, and he wanted to break them again. Plus, there was no one here to stop him.

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