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TestAngel spreads its wings!
TestAngel Programme was developed by Christine Pirrie, a leading Psychotherapist based in the South of England and specialising in Anxiety Disorders.
In recent years, Christine has held workshops on Stress Management for teachers, NHS staff & refugee groups as well as school workshops to help pupils deal with exam nerves. Christine has also been working with driving instructors to developp the Mental Approach to passing the driving test.
It’s the noticeable increase of young people suffering for exam stress which prompted her to study this trend further and the ‘Beat Exam Nerves’ Application is the pinnacle of this research.

No Need to Go Through Hell

TestAngel Programme is effective because it makes use of the way the brain works. By programming in the mind how students want to feel, to react, during a test, the brain then associates these feelings of focused relaxation with the exam situation.

Up to now, students possibly have been using ‘Association’… but in a negative way and scaring themselves senseless in the process.
We’ve all been there and back

Do you remember your first date or first job interview? Performance Anxiety does not bring the best in people! We cannot think straight while in Fight or Flight mode. As oxygen leaves the Neo-Cortex, a whole lot of automatic responses flood the system to deal with the immediate ‘threat’, while our body shouts: “Get me out of here!”

Would you be able to remember the date of King Charles 1 execution or Pythagorean theorem when you’re about to be sick? Would you drive proficiently when your hands are shaking uncontrollably and your eyes can’t focus?

By stopping the Fight or Flight Response, by associating the test situation with focused relaxation, students will be able to sit their exam in full possession of their resources.

Benefits of TestAngel :

Improved Cognitive Ability
Build self-confidence
Learn valuable skills for life
Non dependence on medication
Help reach their potential
Value for money
A ‘Ready to Use’ Product
Up to Date format

The secondary gains to a focused and calm student will reflect on the grades of that student which directly reflect on school targets, performance or pass rates.

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