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Serious scholarly analyses of the types and roles of accountability in health care first appeared in the late 1980s. That issue, along with the related issue of responsibility in health care, has continued to interest policymakers, analysts and scholars ever since. Indeed, there has been a renewed surge of interest in recent years, with growing attention to the notion of accountable care organizations in the US, clinical audits in the UK, and governance as stewardship in many other countries. Accountability and responsibility in health care was also the theme of a major international conference organized by the Israel National Institute for Health Policy Research, which was held in Jerusalem in 2009.

This book is a collection of scholarly articles on the themes of accountability and responsibility in health care and seeks to be the premier book in that field. It includes selected papers from the 2009 Jerusalem Conference, analytic essays on how accountability and responsibility are playing out in eight different countries, and reprints of some of the classic articles in the field.

The book will interest policymakers, managers, researchers and students, and many of the ideas presented here will help shape the development of this field in the years ahead. Some of these ideas have appeared in other forums; the unique contribution of this volume is that it is the first to bring together so many different perspectives on accountability and responsibility in health care. This volume will both acquaint readers with some of the latest thinking on accountability and responsibility in health care, and will serve as a catalyst for future reflection, research and writing in this area.

  • Preliminaries and Introductory Essays:
    • Preface (Richard Scheffler)
    • General Introduction and an Overview of the Volume (Bruce Rosen, Avi Israeli and Stephen Shortell)
    • Accountability in Health Care Reconsidered (Bruce Rosen, David Chinitz and Avi Israeli)
    • Responsibility and Accountability — Talk is Cheap … (Avi Israeli)
  • From the Classics:
    • Introduction to the Classic Articles (Bruce Rosen)
    • What Is Accountability in Health Care? (Ezekiel J Emanuel and Linda L Emanuel)
    • The Ethics of Accountability in Managed Care Reform (Norman Daniels and James Sabin)
    • Assessment and Accountability: The Third Revolution in Medical Care (Arnold S Relman)
    • Agency, Contract, and Governance: Shifting Shapes of Accountability in the Health Care Arena (Carolyn Hughes Tuohy)
  • Country Essays:
    • Introduction to the Country Essays (Bruce Rosen and Suszy Lessof)
    • Canada (Gregory P Marchildon and Sara Allin)
    • Czech Republic (Ewout van Ginneke and Jan Šturma)
    • England (Anna Maresso)
    • Hungary (Péter Gaál, Szabolcs Szigeti and Matthew Gaskins)
    • Israel (Bruce Rosen and Avi Israeli)
    • Italy (Anna Maresso and Andrea Donatini)
    • Finland (Lauri Vuorenkoski and Philipa Mladovsky)
    • Spain (Sandra García-Armesto, Cristina Hernández-Quevedo, M B Abadía-Taira and E Bernal-Delgado)
  • Selected Papers From the Jerusalem Health Policy Conference:
    • Preface (Shlomo Mor-Yosef)
    • Introduction to the Conference Papers (Avi Israeli, Stephen Shortell and Bruce Rosen)
    • Section A: Public Accountability: Governance and Stewardship
    • Introduction — Public Accountability (Richard B Saltman, Gabriel I Barbash and Jack Habib)
    • Context, Culture, and the Practical Limits of Health Sector Accountability (Richard B Saltman)
    • Difficulties in Making Accountability Practical (Ezekiel Emanuel)
    • Responsibility and Accountability in Preventive Medicine — Are We Doing Too Much or Too Little? (Siegal Sadetzki)
    • The Global Shortage of Health Workers and Pay for Performance (Richard M Scheffler)
    • Addressing Healthcare Inequities in Israel by Eliminating Prescription Drug Copayments (Asher Elhayany and Shlomo Vinker)
    • Common Trends in Public Stewardship of Health Care (Gregory P Marchildon and Wallace Lockhart)
    • Section B: Social Support
    • Introduction — Social Support (David Chinitz, Martin McKee and Rachel Nissanholtz)
    • Legends of Health Policy and Management (David Chinitz)
    • Solidarity in a Changing World (Martin McKee)
    • Health Inequity in Israel: Past, Present, and Future (Leon Epstein)
    • Reducing Health Inequalities in Clalit Health Services: From Vision to Reality (Ran Balicer, Efrat Shadmi, Ornit Bartal, Nicky Lieberman, Dorit Weiss, Margalit Goldfracht, Arnon D Cohen, Sigal Regev-Rosenberg, Orit Jacobson and Eli Defes)
    • From Measurement to Comprehensive Policy: The Action Plan of Maccabi Healthcare Services to Increase Equity (Rachel Wilf-Miron, Irene Lewenhoff, Orna Shem-Tov, Einat Yaari, Avi Porath and Ehud Kokia)
    • Tackling the Inverse Care Law in the UK (Rosalind Raine)
    • Health Rights Information from the Perspective of Ethiopian Immigrants: Issues, Barriers, and Policy Recommendations (Nurit Guttman, Seffefe Aychech, Anat Gesser-Edelsburg, Avital Moran and Linda-Réne Bloch)
    • Social Support, Health Promotion, and the Built Environment: Vignettes from the Active Living by Design Program (Lawrence Brown)
    • The Role of Regional Health Improvement Collaboratives in Health Policy, USA (Karen Wolk Feinstein, Susan Elster and Scott Rosenblum)
    • Section C: Personal Responsibility
    • Introduction — Personal Responsibility (Yael Ashkenazi, Mordechai Shani and Rosalind Raine)
    • Personal Responsibility: Preliminary Remarks (Mordechai Shani)
    • Personal Responsibility for Health: A Proposal for a Nuanced Approach (Harald Schmidt)
    • Consumer-Driven Health Care: Conquering Health Care Cost and Quality Demons (Regina E Herzlinger)
    • Personal Responsibility versus Responsible Options: Compliance Meets Public Health in the United States (Joseph R Betancourt and Marina C Cervantes)
    • Leadership and the Road to Personal Responsibility for Healthy Behavior — Between Autonomy and Paternalistic Interventions (Gil Siegal and Neomi Siegal)
    • Personal and State Responsibilities in Vaccination: A Two-Way Road (Baruch Velan)
    • Supporting Behavioral Change: Whose Responsibility? (Gene Bishop)
    • Patient Empowerment and the Doctor-Patient Relationship (Leah Wapner and Malke Borow)
    • Section D: Performance Management
    • Introduction — Performance Management (Alan Garber, Amir Shmueli and Shuli Brammli-Greenberg)
    • Aligning Incentives to Achieve the Performance One Cannot (Micro) Manage (Harold S Luft)
    • From Quality Information to Quality Improvements: An Exploratory Study of Health Plan Actions (Bruce Rosen and Rachel Nissanholtz)
    • A Four-Year Project for Implementing Hospital Quality Indicators in Israel (Jacob Dreiher, Eytan Wirtheim, Amit Nachman, Ehud Davidson, Arnon D Cohen, Anat Ahimas, Ronit Safar, Haim Bitterman and Itamar Shalit)
    • The Role of Comparative Effectiveness Research in Health Reform (Alan M Garber)
    • Pay for Performance: Proceed with Care! (Alan Maynard)
    • Conclusions and Take-Away Lessons (Stephen Shortell)

Readership: Policymakers, managers, scholars and researchers in the healthcare industry.

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