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Jon Hudson, lead investigator for the Department of Homeland Security’s Fusion Center-P, thinks his job is a joke. While other Fusion Centers focus on thwarting terrorist activity, Hudson’s division is tasked with handling paranormal threats to national security, of which there have been zero during his years at the DHS. When yet another Sasquatch sighting leads to a research facility in the backwoods of Maine, disguised as an abandoned Nike missile site, Hudson’s job becomes deadly serious.

Hudson and the local Sherriff, Ashley Collins, suddenly find themselves on the run from a ruthless ex-Special Forces security team, but the human threat is short-lived as something very much not-human destroys the facility and heads for civilization, leaving only a single clue behind—a name scrawled in blood—Nemesis. Working with his team at Fusion Center-P, Sherriff Collins and a surly helicopter pilot named Woodstock, Hudson pursues the creature known as Nemesis, attempts to uncover the corporate secrets behind its creation and accidental release, and tries to comprehend why several clues lead to a murdered little girl named Maigo.

But as the body-count explodes, along with the monster’s size, it quickly becomes clear that nothing short of a full military response can slow Nemesis’s progress. Coordinating with every branch of the U.S. military, Hudson simultaneously searches for clues about Nemesis’s origins and motivations, and leads the counterattack that will hopefully stop the monster before it reaches Boston and its one million residents.

Witness the birth of a legend as Jeremy Robinson, bestselling author of SecondWorld and Ragnarok, combines the pacing of Matthew Reilly with the mystery of James Rollins and creates the first iconic American Kaiju* story since King Kong.

*Kaiju is Japanese for “strange beast.” The genre includes classic monsters such as Godzilla, Gamera, Mothra, Rodan and King Ghidorah.


"Robinson blends myth, science and terminal velocity action like no one else."
--Scott Sigler, NY Times Bestselling author of INFECTED and ANSCESTOR

"Just when you think that 21st-century authors have come up with every possible way of destroying the world, along comes Jeremy Robinson."
--New Hampshire Magazine

"There's nothing timid about Robinson as he drops his readers off the cliff without a parachute and somehow manages to catch us an inch or two from doom."
--Jeff Long, NY Times bestselling author of THE DESCENT

"Jeremy Robinson is a fresh new face in adventure writing and will make a mark in suspense for years to come."
--David Lynn Golemon, NY Times bestselling author of LEGEND and EVENT

"Jeremy Robinson is an original and exciting voice."
--Steve Berry, NY Times bestselling author of THE EMPEROR'S TOMB

"With THRESHOLD, Jeremy Robinson goes pedal to the metal into very dark territory. Fast-paced, action packed and wonderfully creepy! Highly recommended!"
--Jonathan Maberry, NY Times bestselling author of ROT & RUIN

"[SecondWorld] is gripping, propelled by expertly controlled pacing and lively characters. Robinson's punchy prose style will appeal to fans of Matthew Reilly's fast-paced, bigger-than-life thrillers, but this is in no way a knockoff. It's a fresh and satisfying thriller that should bring its author plenty of new fans."

"A brisk thriller with neatly timed action sequences, snappy dialogue and the ultimate sympathetic figure in a badly burned little girl with a fighting spirit... The Nazis are determined to have the last gruesome laugh in this efficient doomsday thriller."
--Kirkus Reviews

"Relentless pacing and numerous plot twists drive this compelling stand-alone from Robinson... Thriller fans and apocalyptic fiction aficionados alike will find this audaciously plotted novel enormously satisfying."
--Publisher's Weekly

Book Reviews

Project Nemesis (A Kaiju Thriller)
Average rating
4.4 / 5
Great Fun!
June 25th, 2015
“The end is near. I hear a noise at the door, as of some immense slippery body lumbering against it. It shall not find me. God, that hand! The window! The window!” ― H.P. Lovecraft, Dagon Dr. Ichiro Serizawa: The arrogance of men is thinking nature is in our control and not the other way around. Let them fight. Godzilla, 2014 Dr. Niko Tatopoulus: This thing is much too big to be some lost dinosaur. Godzilla, 1998 “Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn. In his house at R'lyeh dead Cthulhu waits dreaming.” Lovecraft would have loved this. Nemesis is Godzilla, Cthulhu, and “Attack of the 50-Foot Woman” all rolled into one - Destroyer God and sad victim not only of fate but of a rich, obsessive, vicious man. “Nemesis” is a monster, true. A monster created by science, at the behest of a human even more monstrous than Nemesis herself. Of course, back when King Kong and Godzilla came to life, “The Bomb” was our greatest fear. Immense power, horrific death from the skies – the perfect structure for tales of horror. Now, Nemesis waltzes onto the stage, filled with fear, pain, and a deep need for answers. Even monsters need answers, and Nemesis more than most. For all she is a monster, possibly a God, she is lost, searching. But her search can kill millions. Of course, the military is shooting off all its toys, twelve AMRAAM and four Tomahawks have only succeeded in killing civilians so far – and Boston is her next stop. Which is worse? A terrified military blasting away, or a giant beast storming across the land? “Hulk SMASH!” I got a huge kick out of this story. Narrated by Jeffrey Kafer, the story is a high octane tribute to all the 50’s monster movies we know and love. But it is also a denunciation of military incompetence, political ineptitude (yes, those are basically the same words – but military command and the political machine are basically the same thing, so . . .) and the horrific things humans will do given enough money and political and military power. Jeremy Robinson has written a story for everyone from preteens to adults, delving into the human psyche, exploring our fears and bringing the past into the present. Nemesis is, when it comes down to it, an avenging angel, a Goddess of Vengeance, and I liked her – a lot. Jon Hudson, the hero of the piece, is the lead investigator for a special DHS department – Paranormal Investigations. Following up reports of Sasquatch is embarrassing – but trying to keep the rest of DHS under control, especially the smart-arse Boston lead investigator, is enough to make Jon bang his head against a wall. There is a lot of blood and gore, a lot of military action and military and political stupidity – and his ‘sidekick’ Sheriff Collins, is one kick arse broad, so I was happy with that! There is fun and snarky humour as well, which is always a huge positive for me. Grab it – it’s fun!
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1 review
A fun must read
December 22nd, 2014
I put off reading this book because I didn't think 'Kaiju' would be something I would be interested in - movies yes, books not so much. However, I couldn't put it down. I should know better than to doubt a book written by Jeremy Robinson, he has a wonderful ability to incorporate great monsters and great characters that you want to read about more. Nemesis is the queen of the monsters and I hope we see more from her and Jon Hudson. If you like Godzilla then you should definitely pick this book up.
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1 review
Nemesis is Queen of the Monsters!
December 19th, 2014
This book reminded me of the original thrill Godzilla gave me as a kid. I'm a Kaiju nerd anyway, but still. I cannot recommend it more if you want a giant monster romp. It's simply awesome. Most Godzilla movies wish they were written this well! Read it today! It will fill your giant monster void!!! And make sure to check out the sequels, Project Maigo and Project 731. This book does tie up with another story, Island 731, also by Robinson. You do NOT have to read it before Project Nemesis, but it does introduce characters and plot lines in the next two Nemesis books, Project Maigo and Project 731, so after Project Nemesis at least is recommended.
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1 review
Project Nemesis
October 13th, 2014
Fun characters, a great monster and very well-written action! Can't wait to dive into the sequel!
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1 review
Project Nemesis
August 16th, 2014
Very good book. Love the combo of mystery and so if. I did I didn't realize Island 731 came firdt
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1 review
Enjoyed very much
June 7th, 2014
Recommend for anyone who loves giant monsters.
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1 review
Kaiju explained
April 3rd, 2014
I've never been a big fan of Kaiju movies. This book however reaches into the reason behind the destruction. Now all we need is a movie to match the emotional intensity of this book.
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1 review

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