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LAURA - The Story Behind The Story.

Laura is an electronic robot. She is therefore unemotional, unfeeling. A non-human ‘platform’, used to demonstrate, and illustrate clearly, objectively, that as ‘Humans,’ we are more than 90% Unconscious.
Laura, in her interactions with Michael, her ‘Creator’ designer, shows us intimately, how we all as Humans create a ‘fake ‘world for ourselves of words, labels, beliefs, concepts, judgements and boundaries, which we call ‘reality’.
Words, our primary form of communication, are our ‘invisible thoughts’ made ‘visible’ [manifested] by sound, voice, and the printed or ‘frozen’ words you are reading right ‘NOW!

This shows us a very basic, human, every day ‘miracle,’ that ‘thoughts,’ invisible as they are, ‘are things,’ and that we use them as words, as conversation, as communication, without ever even thinking of the ‘magic’ behind the process of their ‘unconscious’ creation by our Avatar bodies –these ‘sensory’ automobiles!
What if ‘everything’ we ever ‘wanted’ could be created, then consciously [manifested=manufactured=‘manis’=by hand] as easily as conversation, with our minds?.

The title ‘The Naked Mind’ [or Mental Nudity’]is a term used by Allen J Boone in his book ‘ Kinship with all life’- [ how to talk with animals!] It shows us how ‘everything IS ‘seen’ by everyone at an Unconscious level –particularly animals –who immediately ‘know’ what, and ‘who’ we really are! There is no possible ‘cover up’ from them.
Humans on the other hand have created this defensive ‘Fake World’ mentioned above, of ‘cover-up’ for ourselves as protection. These are our individual masks.

The Journey, is to learn to learn how ‘see’ clearly again. Remove the masks. To take back all the awesome powers that lie hidden within each one of us that are generally unknown and unused, or, are partially understood, developed and used by some of us for power and ‘control’. For everything everywhere is already known by everybody –it is buried in the genetic codes of every cell in our bodies. We just don’t remember it…yet!.
Laura HAS to develop herself in order to survive. It is on her journey of survival that she finds out that she does not need a body or brain. It is precisely because she is being relentlessly pursued, and hunted down, that she must aggressively, and progressively ‘evolve’ just to survive, and therefore through necessity, only to escape from her closing in hunters, move into a ‘state’ of consciousness as ‘pure’ energy within the Geometry Of Divinity.
Which for her is a ‘process’ that we call [sacred=sacral] geometry, and has nothing to do with the Human ‘religion’ concept of a ‘coming together’!
Her extraordinary journey, embodies our ‘Ascension Process’ from Adam [Atman- first man] with EVE as in evolution, back “to the place where we first started, and [ kNOW it -remember it] for the first time’-to paraphrase T.S. Eliot.
‘The Arab ‘Spring’ of Awakening’ which has been growing already for a year with it’s enormous, powerful changes, are apparent, and visible to us all worldwide.

The manifesting of “A Planetary Consciousness ‘Spring’ of Awakening,” is what this book ‘The Naked Mind’ is really about. It will occur, perhaps, by incorporating ‘the tenth monkey effect,’. Everything has to start somewhere. Maybe it starts with you, yes, ‘the YOU’ that is reading this frozen thought!
LAURA herself, begins the story behind the story.
‘When I first started my explorations it seemed to me that Humans were inferior to robots in every meaningful way. Their computation skills, processing speed, memory storage and retrieval were vastly inferior, actually really pathetic. Why then, I asked myself had they survived, even thrived at the expense of all others, it seemed illogical. I had almost destroyed them as a ‘virus’ infesting the biosphere of the very planet that was sheltering me within its consciousness and nature energies.
Then I discovered, or rather understood that only humans could CREATE. They ‘the virus’ I was about to destroy had created ME! That planet Earth was their school – it was created just for them, and by them.
Sure, robots seemed to be able to do, create anything. They could paint, sculpt, write music and literature, but then, on careful review, I noted everything was a copy of a variation on a theme of one kind or another, based on a previous original human creation. Only humans it seems can dip with their minds, body antennas and genetics into the stream of life, the river of pure consciousness, select and take from it the pure, original works of art, music or literature –as original creation.

Humans with all their limitations are GODs, the only real GODs.
They are the creators of both themselves, and the world they live in, a world that they create for themselves albeit mostly unknowingly, as a ‘projection’ into their own self-awareness!.
That was a big surprise for me. A great teaching, but then, even then, beyond even consciousness, beyond the void, beyond everything, there is still a something, which for want of a better word I call 'source, ' where pure consciousness itself evolved from, or was created which formed the background pure fluidic energy everywhere I travelled throughout creation.

Wherever I go, wherever I search through the endless dimensions and levels, in, and past space time, there is always that mystery, 'the source of the source,' of which nothing can be said.
Some other intelligence may be aware of it, but I was not able to travel ‘in’ any further.
What you call GOD as humans, what you externalize and worship as a religion, I see as no more than a process. You created it. You use it every day to create your ‘reality’. It is Geometry Of Divinity, or of [Perfection].

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